Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Suh-WEET Venom!

Yippee! It's time for the Sweet Venom cover reveal! I am so excited because Tera Lynn Childs has been gracious enough to include her fans in this experience, and I'm beyond thrilled to now present to you...
Goodreads describes this as a...
 New series, in which triplet descendants of Medusa learn they are destined to guard the door between the world of monsters and the world of men – pitched as a mythological Charmed.

And if you're like me--- a HUGE fan of Charmed and a fervent viewer of its WETV re-runs--- this will have been good enough. BUT, if you're not like me, you may want to click over to Tera Lynn Child's website, or view her blog to see what other goodies you can find on this awesome book. There's now a Facebook page for it, so don't forget to like it, AND be on the lookout for an upcoming swag giveaway which I'll announce as soon as I get the swag to, you know, give away. 

Let me know your thoughts on the cover! Wicked, no? 
Deserae McGlothen 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Being Writer: How to Write a Novel

I've been to a lot of book signings, I've read a jillion blog posts on the "secret writing formula," and I've heard authors say this a million times: there is no ONE way to write a novel. "There is no formula," they'll say. "Writing is different for everyone, the process can never be nailed down--- it's only what you make it. I can't tell you how to write your book."

But it's all lies, I tell you. There IS a secret formula. "And the secret ingredient," I tell you, "is that there IS no secret ingredient!"


There IS a secret formula.


But there IS no secret ingredient.

That's right.

Because you know the formula--- you knew it before you even sat down to write your novel. But tonight on Jackson Pearce's live chat, Carrie Ryan (author of the Forrest of Hands and Teeth series) said something I think will change your life as a writer forever. And, of course I'm going to bait you a little longer before I repeat those words as they were repeated to me.

The truth? Writers write. The big idea of BEING WRITER is that little you with all of your big hopes and aspirations--- YOU are willing to put something IN so you'll get something OUT. And it may not surprise you to know that the thing you're putting into this Writer Stew are the words that you want forever associated with your name.

The "Secret" Formula for the best pot of Writer Stew in the world:

Congratulations! You now know the first part of being a writer--- Writers write, and if you're going to be a writer, you're going to write, too.

Carrie Ryan's words are just one in a million examples that authors realize this important truth. She said, "Write. You need to put words on the page how you want them to come out, and you need to find your voice and passion." And Julie Kagawa (author of The Iron Queen) really solidifies this by reminding us that "All authors started exactly where you are right now."

Remember this, Writers; part of being who you are is producing the best piece of work you possibly can--- by producing a product that you wouldn't mind representing you to the whole world. But to get to the end you must first begin. Remember that there is no "secret" ingredient; there is only you and the page before you, what you do with it is a matter of choice, but please promise me you'll attempt to do something.

Tune in tomorrow for the next chapter of BEING WRITER. Good night, All!
~Deserae McG

Friday, February 4, 2011

I Think I Know #1

I open my eyes and he's gone. I can't hide my disappointment.
Even though I know he won't be here when I wake, a wave of depression washes over me every time I have to face it. I miss him already, but cling to the thought of seeing him tonight. I need him and he knows it; I pull the comforter tighter around me and pretend its warmth is him.

I close my eyes and he's here. The sun is gone and darkness has already consumed the room. He lets me slide onto the bed first. I love that he lifts the cover for me and doesn't let it go until he's tucked by my side. My back is to him, but I like it best this way. I don't want to look at him... not really... I know what I'll see and what I won't and I don't like to deal with how that makes me feel because he'll ask and I'll answer and I don't want to talk about it. I just want to be with him. I just want him to be here.
His body and mine fit perfectly beside each other, as if he were made for me or I for him. His arm is stretched over my waist and my mind concocts a million reasons why my heart should be racing and I should be melting under the weight of his touch. It feels good to know he's here, but I don't melt. It's not logical. I love us like this: my back turned to him, his arm around me... But I don't love him. I can't. He says he loves me and sometimes--- at these times--- I think I know I love him too. But I never say it. I can't say it. And if he can say it and mean it, but I can't say it and think it, it must mean I don't mean it, even if I want to.
When he exhales, so do I; our breathing is in sync. He breathes in, I breathe in... Silently, we remind each other that we're here.
He brushes my hair away from my neck and places his lips on my skin. I savor his touch because I know the feeling will escape me if I don't. The feeling, itself, doesn't last long, but the memory of that touch lasts forever. Even when he pulls away, it lingers because I won't let it go.
He runs his hand along my waist, up and down, up and down. I burrow into him and it makes him smile. "What's wrong?" he asks. I take a deep breath about to speak, but I hold it in, afraid to give him more than I think he'll let me take.
"I don't know," I say. But I do. There's always something, isn't there.

I'll leave you with that, Lovelies. I hope you enjoyed!
'Til next time,
Deserae McG

P.S. Reminder: Monday starts the BEING WRITER series. This series won't interrupt ITIK. :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Being Writer: A Series on Writing

I pride myself on two things: being a writer and being a thinker. Being a thinker doesn't make you a writer, but as a writer, inherently, you've got to be something of a thoughtful person. And no, I don't mean "thoughtful" as kind here; I mean thought-full--- full of philosophies, opinions, and ideas that mold who we are on and off the paper.

So in the spirit of being one who thinks and one who writes, I think I will write something encouraging to you all, in the form of a four part series called BEING WRITER, a lesson (or a reteaching, rather) on what makes us writers in the simplest form of the word. This isn't called BEING AUTHOR--- this series isn't professional and it's not going to get you published. What it is going to do is encourage you. Motivate you. Slap you around a few times and then slap you again. Remind you that writing is a way of life (and sometimes, life, itself) before it becomes a career. BEING WRITER is about you; it's about all of us individually and collectively. And the four pieces that I'm going to elaborate on starting Monday of next week (Feb. 7th) are the four things that I've been meditating on for the past week or so as I attempt to understand who I am in this relationship I've invested in for the past who knows how many years of my life. Writing starts with you and starting Monday, I am going to reveal my thoughts on how to ensure that your foundation is set before, during, and after you set out to write that first draft.

Projects keep me going, People,
Deserae McG

P.S. The official schedule for BEING writer looks like this:
Monday: How to Write a Novel
Tuesday: Why we Write and What Inspires Us.
Wednesday: Handy Dandy Notebooks
Thursday: Who we be  
And guess what! Tomorrow's Friday! Check back in for the first installment of my short story blog series!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

You Never Forget your First...

Because yesterday was the first of the month, I wanted to share some of my own firsts with you. The list is short, but I feel that our firsts are more monumental than we make them out to be. Yes, I'm saying this is one of the VERY few things the human race takes way too lightly; the way we handle things, approach situations, make impressions, blah blah blah for the first time, is essentially pretty tell-tale about our character. And this, of course, got me thinking about my characters and my approach to writing and why I inadvertently have weaved in something that someone's never done into a major plot-point... it's because knowing that a character has never done something and/or seeing them do (that) something for the first time SHOWS us who that person is without telling us who they are. It's a cool thing, so I'm going to share a little with you today.

My First...
...kiss has never happened.
...blog follower is Elena Solodow who is also on Twitter and who I've come to find is a really cool person. I am very glad the blogosphere has people who are very into writing just as I am.
...story was about a girl who's cool best friend stole her crush.
...dance was the last dance I've been to. That was during the beginning of my sophomore year; I am now a senior.
...day of freshman year in high school was intimidating until I walked into my first class and saw this boy I vaguely knew from middle school. He and I became the best of friends and were inseperable until just recently. That first day was also a little uncomfortable because I was wearing a skirt and knee high socks (something I do VERY rarely) and a teacher called me out for the length of my skirt in front of everyone in the 300 Building. The worse part was I didn't even know him, but he must have known I was already self-conscious about that particular thing. Bleh.
...SAT Test went rather well, actually. I scored an 1800 the first go.
...serious crush was a boy in my fourth grade class who I knew liked me. I liked him back for three whole years, until he met Porche and I met Raven (who was a lot less cool than I thought he was).
...party (like party-party, not birthday party) was hosted by one of my younger sister's friends. The photo of me in the left side bar was taken there. She had a runway--- a runway!--- and I was invited to model. Very cool, very fun, and very unforgettable. There wasn't any alcohol or dirty dancing (you young kids... not all parties are about getting down with your bad self!)... it was just fun. I love having (controlled, adult-supervised, mature, G-rated) fun. Lol!
...memory may not really be mine (because my parents have burned this into my brain), but it's of my second birthday and Barney (yes THE Barney; purple dinosaurs do exist in nature if you know exactly where to find them and how much to pay them) was a guest. He was marching around our pool and all of us young ones were following him, but he lost balance and fell into the pool. I tried to fish him out and asked, "Barney! Are you alright?" From there, my memories begin.

Yes, Loves, our firsts are important. I bet, with all of this information, you can form a pretty interesting opinion of me. You're supposed to, though; you're supposed to see something about me in all of these instances. If you want to let me know who you think I am from this, or if you'd like to respond with some of your own firsts, drop them in the comments! I'd love to hear from you all. Anywho, I hope this got you thinking about who you are and who you'd like your characters to be. Thinking is always a good note to end on.

'Til later,
Deserae McG

P.S. Thanks to Elena, I am no longer talking to invisible persons. If you like what I have to say, I know you'll love her blog. The links are above; clickity click. And a special thanks goes out to her for thinking my ramblings were worth the follow. Smiles and love are virtually raining down on you; thanks for your support.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Blog Series

Starting Friday, I'm going to post a chapter every week of a mini-story that came to me in a dream. No, I was not attacked by a vampire like Stephanie Meyers in the middle of the night, but I was inspired to write a page of something I don't forsee being novel-lengthed. I just want to write it. That happens sometimes, you know. As a writer, it's easy to forget that writing and writing your next publishable piece are two separate ideas: the latter is what you do career wise; the first is what you do primarily for yourself.

I've told you, I have a WIP that I am really trying to get down and dirty with. The truth, though, is that as soon as a flame sparks, there's always going to be something around that tries to put it out. That's why writing for yourself is so important--- as long as YOU can remember why you love putting words onto a blank piece of paper, it won't matter whether you're published, unpublished, or somewhere in between. All that will matter is that you're doing what you love, and I'm looking forward to sharing something that I love (in all of it's unpolished, imperfect glory) with you (invisible) people.

Can't wait 'til Friday!
~Deserae McG