Figment Reviews

NOTE: I actually don't go on Figment anymore??? So I think I'm going to eventually delete this page. Say... June 30th? Yeah. Why nots.

So I do a lot of reviewing but I'm trying to stay accountable for the stories I read and have been asked to read. Henceforth this page. Whenever I get requested for a review, I will add that title to this list. If the project hasn't been linked to, I haven't reviewed it yet. And if it has, then click on over, find my review, or maybe just read it for yourself. :)

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Fantasy/ Fairytale- F
Dystopian- D
Mystery- M
Comedy- C
Drama- Dr
Romance- R
Action/ Adventure- A
General Fiction- G
"Tough Stuff"- X
Historical Fic- H
The Wonderland Trials by K the Honeybadger. F.
Grade: Solid B (Good, but can be better)

Love is a Funny Thing by xxAmiChanxx. G.
Grade: Solid B (Good. Recommended for light read)

Totally Legit by The Cosmic Pixie. C.
Grade: A- leaning toward A (Excellent. Must watch and definitely recommended.)

Camelot Chicks by Kerri Hughes. A.
Grade: B- leaning toward C+ (Good, but needs reevaluation)

The Phone Call by Frances Pike. G. Dr?
Grade: Solid C (It passes. It shows promise. But it needs work.)

Cityscape by Kristin Sherrill. D.
Grade: A- teetering between Solid A and B+. (Well-written, but slow. Recommended for dystopian fans and patient readers)

Slumberland by M.J. Woodward. F.
Grade: Solid C leaning toward C- (It passes but so can you. Project needs TLC from author before reader can truly enjoy it)

The Five Cities by Kate. A.
Grade: B+ (It's a good, solid skeleton. Has A potential when author takes care of fixable stuff)

Stronger by Rose Sierra Blazfer. G. X.
Grade: Can't assess (Good writing but contains content I'm wary of. Can't recommend these types of stories if I can't see the message)

Unable to Sleep by Adel Attari. G. Dr?
Grade: Solid A (Solid and entertaining piece. Easy to learn from)

The Swing by Bookaholic'. Dr. G.
Grade: C+ but was almost a Solid C. (It's average plot-wise but has it's merits and potential)

Sisters of Siena by Teslin Ruge & Iohanna Quinones. H.
Grade: Solid A (It's excellent, well-shaped, and well written. Recommended for historical fic. lovers)

Hard to Believe by Kaitlyn Watson. F.
Grade: Can't assess (Needs love from author because it has promise but hasn't shown it)

The Social Contract by Mickey Mouse. G.
Grade: B+ (An easy, enjoyable read I'll come back to. It's pretty good)

MPC by K. Redell. G. R.
Grade: C+ almost a B- (Good, healthy start with room for improvement)

Silent Screams by Mariah Johnson. D.
Grade: Won't Assess. Not my thing.

Blood Iris by The Colour of Music {TBR}
Always by A.C. Shaw {TBR}
When Forever Ends by jumpthenfallsuperstar {TBR}
Calder Kelly's Brain by Madeline Bessemer {TBR}
The Everlast by Taylor {TBR}
Heartache by Steven Curt {TBR}
Overcoming by Tiffany Burnett {TBR}
The Gargoyle Girl by Laina Van Wingerden {TBR}
The Hallowed Out World by Sarah Marie {TBR}
Hidey Hole by EmmaLou {TBR}