Saturday, September 24, 2011

Snapshot Saturday #3: College Life

So this post is going to be about college and a phrase I use three times in the following video:

Yes. I totally named that video "Be Encouraged!" exclamation point and all. Even though looking back on it, it's not the most encouraging video in the world... The point I wanted you guys to take from it was this: that we all feel lost and confused sometimes. That it can frustrate the heck out of us in the moment. But that if we pursue our dreams and our wants and our passions with vigor, in the end, we'll be victorious. We just can't be afraid to see the project through.

The phrase you heard three times up there and the phrase I'm using (cough, cough, coining, cough) to sort of embody and speak for this mentality is called being encouraged to not be discouraged. And I'm probably going to go a little motivational speaker on you guys as I go through this, but college life is a good example of this philosophy. Of not taking no for an answer.


The picture over there is a snapshot of the essay I'm writing for my mandatory class. It's finished, technically, but I'm a little upset the last paragraph didn't fit and there's random punctuation flowing throughout its veins. But ANYWAY, in this essay we had to think about something in our personal style that we "stole" from something or sometime else. I wrote about my pearls and how I wear them to project a "lady-like" image and also connote that I'm a modern Wonder-woman.


My sister and her hubby dropping me off first day
When you're in college, you literally have to make every decision for yourself. The easy ones like when you'll wake up, where you'll go eat, who you'll hang out with for the day, where you'll do it, when you'll come home, etc. are pretty much the decisions you're already making in high school, but they're amplified now that your parents are away.

View of the forest near my apartment
Now that you're completely in charge, you really get to explore the following questions: What do I want to do? Who do I want to be? Where do I want to go? When do I want to get there? How am I going to get there? Why do I want this so much? And what's going to either stop me from getting what I want or help me get what I want? The questions don't need immediate answers, but they're always in the back of your mind. I was lucky. I kind of had a pretty good idea of a lot of the answers in high school, but now that I'm here, things like what I want are becoming a little blurry and how I'm going to get those things, blurrier still. But that's okay. I know, now, there are people here to help me. And while all of them REFUSE to just hand me answers (which is what I went into the office three times looking for!), all of them continued to try to nudge me in the right direction. In my opinion, they weren't nudging hard enough. But there was a nudge--- I felt the push--- and when I just decided to let go of their hand and jump, I found myself feeling a lot better--- more confident--- and now I'm in classes I love and am excited to be in.

Place where a baby deer was until I pulled out my camera
I felt lost for sure. I felt out of place and like the total stereotype of a freshman. Almost all of my apartment mates know exactly where they're going, they know the shortcuts, and they're not afraid to get lost. But me? I felt like the deer in the headlights. Confused. Out of place. About to die. Okay... so it wasn't THAT dramatic. But in the moment, it all felt so important. Like it was a sign from the heavens above that I wasn't meant to get to that freezing class after all. And maybe it was. I know it was, actually. Because now I'm in classes I love and WANT to be in. And that's the key thing here. Doing things you WANT to do. Not doing things you think you HAVE to do.

The bridge that takes me home
I just want to encourage you not to lose faith in yourself. To see that fork in the road and confidently set foot on the path you WANT to take. Don't hesitate. Don't doubt yourself even for a second. Because the thing is, there's going to be a day where you get to call all the shots. Start owning every decision, every step, every breath you make and take. This is your life. Own it. This is your shot. Take it. These are your dreams. Live them. And this is all you. So make it happen.

"Take a risk, take a chance, make a change,"
-Deserae <3

P.S. CALLING ALL ARTISTS!!! I want a "Encouraged not to be Discouraged" T-shirt, but I can't design anything! So if you want to make a design for me send it to and I'll get a shirt made for myself and the person who made the winning design! Make it happen, folks!

Friday, September 23, 2011

My Roomies

I've been asked by at least 50 different people if I liked my roommates. The answer to that is yes.

But I've also been asked what they're like and the answer to that is a little less clear. Because imagine, if you will, eight very different people. Now put them in an apartment and see how they mesh. For us, it's working out pretty well... for others, not so much.

So I'm going to try to give you my best representation of them through imitation versions of them via pictures of popular characters and/or celebrities. Does that make sense? Well I'm doing it anyway. So without further ado, I give you my roomies. And without further, further ado, here we go.


I chose blonde Katy Perry to represent Emily because of three things: the spunk, the smile, and the style. Emily's got a very California Girl fashion sense. I love that she rocks dresses and multi-colored shorts. Emily's a cutie--- the pink typeface definitely fits her. Unfortunately, Emily moved out today, but she's always going to be an honorary member of our apartment's family. She's the always smiling, want to party?, let's have fun girl of our suite and she's sweet on top of all of that.


Gabe is so much like Julian Smith, it's kind of surreal to me. I've loved Julian Smith for the longest, but now I get to live with his doppleganger. So I'm like, "Yay me!" Gabe is SUCH a character. First of all, he is the only guy I know who can sing every Disney song ever made (no joke. Every one. Ever.) and songs from musicals I can't even name. He's also an artist (although he refuses to admit it) and he's extremely friendly and social. Like Julian, he has a bit of a perfectionist's mentality (if he's going to do something, he's going to do it right), and like my brother in law, he's always trying to figure out the most efficient and/ or cost effective ways to do and get things. In short, Gabe is awesome. And he loves his blue hoodie, too.


 Kaitlin is my roommie. She is Bridget Mendler adorable. I was going to say she was Taylor Swift adorable, but Kaitlin, like Bridget, has a very girl-next-door thing about her which made Bridget win out in the end. Kaitlin is tall and thin and played volleyball and can SING... And she's SUPER smart. And we love the same music (cough, cough, Backstreet Boys, cough). And she loves her friends back home. And she is just amazing. So because she's the blonde of the house (now that Emily is no longer with us), she gets gold as her color of recognition. She's golden, ya'll! GOL-DEN!


 Gurshawn is a real wildcard. When I first met him, I thought he was going to be the most shy, quiet person in the whole entire world. No. And heck no. This guy can dance. This guy can talk. This guy is super sweet and knowledgable. He's travelled. He's from Canada. And when I first saw him, Dev was the first face that came to mind. I know Dev and Shawn are different ethnicities (and Shawn doesn't really LOOK like Dev in a total "oh they could be twins!" way), but there are similarities in the personalities and the way they carry themselves. I admit, Shawn's a little more shy in the way he stands and sits (like he's more reserved, you know?) but do you see that girl on Dev's arm? Yeah. I'm betting anything Gurshawn's going to have a girl like that one day. He's a mack-daddy, yo! (I'm sure I spelled that wrong. A good sign it's time to move on.)


Due is the shortest one of the bunch. She's small, Asian, and thin, and I didn't really know any characters that actually fit her personality. But then I thought of Barbara from Suite Life of Zach and Cody (Sophie Oda. Woot!) and Barbara is kind of like Due. Kind of. Due is quiet until you get to know her. And then she's really fun and funny. She's got a great sense of humor, she can cook (from what I know), and she likes to be active in the sense that she'd rather be outside than sitting around the apartment doing nothing. I don't know too much about her, but she's really cool. And her boyfriend brought me Oreos when I was having an extreme cookie craving. So she's the coolest as far as I'm concerned. The. Coolest.


Robbie (short for Robert) reminds me of Cho from the Mentalist. Not only does he have Tim Kang's serious face down pact, but he also has the arm cross down, too! Robbie looks serious sometimes, but he loves to smile and laugh--- he just needs an excuse to do it. He's always around the apartment (kind of like me). And he's our go-to guy if anything breaks, doesn't work, or if we need things to be done.


Okay so Adria Grenier isn't my first choice for a Carlos look-alike, but do you see the hair? Now imagine it a little past shoulder-length and a whole lot curlier. THAT is what Carlos (a.k.a. Shaggy) looks like hair-wise. Carlos is the one who comes to get us girls from our late classes. Carlos is the one who takes out the trash. Carlos is the one who is going downtown with me tomorrow to get provisions for our apartment. So basically, Carlos is the man.


Again, this wasn't my first choice. But I ended up picking V Hudgens to represent V because she has presence, power, and a certain thing that makes her unique and kind of uncomparable. My Vanessa is strong, she's funny, she loves to laugh, she can cook, and she's very independent. I don't think anyone could be her, and I really love that about her character.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Let's Get Real: Cyberbullying

So today I was supposed to do a follow up to yesterday's post featuring my roommates. But I want to talk about something else instead and I want to start this off cara a cara (face to face).

Before We Begin...
Cyberbullying is a serious thing and it happens to a lot of people. I never, though, thought it could or would happen to me. I'm not saying this because I think I'm special; I'm saying this because I want to put it out there that the fact that it's randomly happening to me means that there is no doubt in my mind that it could happen to anyone. So if you feel like you're being victimized, know that I believe you. If you feel like you're being put down, know that there are others who are feeling the exact same way.

And this speel isn't just for those of us on the "victim" end. It's for people who may be on the "bully" end, too. Maybe you don't realize you're doing it... Maybe you don't know how much it hurts... But it does. And this post isn't going to console you. My hopes are that if you continue to read this, you'll be convicted to change the way you treat others online. Because imagine yourself on the other end. It doesn't feel good, and I hope that by the end of this, you'll see why.

I don't curse and I'm not trying to make anyone feel uncomfortable. So these are the words you'll see mostly in this post: attack, attacker, bullying, bully, and victim. These are strong, serious words, but cyberbullying is a serious offense. So let's get real, okay? And let's help each other be better people who can handle themselves in better ways.

My Story
I'm on a website.
Someone doesn't like what I say.
They take offense to it without letting me know they're offended.
They start talking about me on other social networks.
Their friends start hating me.
They feel justified in hating me.
The talking continues.
It's brought back to the original website.
There is a bang.
Without justifying the situation or the actions taken by both parties, I try to stop it.
Others intervene and the situation escalates.
Now, apologies for whatever it is I've done wrong (which I still don't know. STILL.) are in order, and also a firmer hand is needed to end the unnecessary hatred.
The someone "disappears" from the website, but continues to check in.
Every two seconds, I hear that the someone (who I thought was done and satisfied) is continuing to talk about me on other social networking sites.
I am now, not only offended, but hurt. And that's how I know this isn't just sillyness or in my head--- it's cyberbullying, and that, my friend, is serious.

What Crossing the Line Looks Like
Crossing the line from a silly argument or misunderstanding to full blown cyberbullying looks different for every situation, but here are some things I want to highlight because these are the things, in my opinon, that really separates the two:

Have you had repeated issues with the same person or group of people online?
Do you feel like they're attacking you collectively, or if it's a single person, do you feel like they attack you on a regular basis?
Do you feel like you're doing something wrong, even though you're the one being victimized?
Are you starting to feel afraid to check (social) websites because you're afraid "they" will be on or will have said something about you in your absence?
Are you being mentally and emotionally affected by what's being said about you?
Do you feel helpless or like no one cares or can stick up for you?

Look. I'm seventeen years old and have never had a problem like this before. But you know what? I can check off all of the things on that list, and this isn't just because I wrote the list--- it's because I've experienced this first hand. Age is just a number. Whether you're twelve or eighty-two, you can be a victim of cyberbullying or even the bully yourself.

Crossing the line means that a situation has gone from pettiness and human error to intentional attacks on a person to the point where mental and emotional stress is being put on another person.

We're all human. We all have the tendency to read into things the wrong way and feel the need to defend ourselves in any way we feel we can. And online, people do this by:

A. Cursing you out
B. Putting you down
C. Trying to turn the tables by making YOU feel like YOU'RE to blame
D. All of the above and more.

But the person who isn't a bully will see the error in that and apologize or will stop trying to hurt you for something that was silly. However, a bully will continue to attack you personally for reasons that usually have nothing to do with you.

What Makes a Bully and How You Can Stop Them
A bully is made of a person who:

A. Builds up defenses to protect themselves that end up hurting others
B. Likes to hurt others to keep up appearances or because it's in their nature
C. Is insecure and acts out to hide or appease these insecurities
D. Needs to put others down to feel like they're "on top" 
E. Doesn't like someone and chooses to attack them physically, emotionally, or verbally

Acts of bullying include:

A. Calling someone out of their name
B. Refusing to stop taunting, teasing, talking about, or taking the time to manipulate others into disliking someone
C. Using your position, power, or privileges to take advantage of others
D. Doing something to intentionally hurt someone else
E. Egging on a situation, or making someone feel badly about themselves.

You can prevent bullying by:

A. Refusing to participate in acts of bullying
B. Engaging in the practice of standing up for people who you see are being bullied
C. Asserting yourself by standing up to bullies early on
D. Conversing civilly with the person you're having a problem with to try and rectify the situation
E. Tell someone--- anyone--- when all else fails so that you have someone to back and support you.

If You Think You're a Victim of Bullying or Cyberbullying...
Get help. Talk things out. Get support. Talk some more.
There's no reason not to. Because if you keep talking, I guarantee you someone will listen. And if you feel like no one else will, come to me, because I will and we'll get you some help.

If You Think You are a Bully but Want to Rectify The Situation...
Get help. Listen to what is being said. Get someone to listen back. Listen even more.
There's no reason not to. Because if you open your ears to hear, I guarantee you'll want to stop. And if you feel like you can't or that there's no forgiveness, come to me because I'll hear you out and we'll get you some help.

Because Seriously...
Bullying of any kind hurts. And cyberbullying IS bullying.
Believe it. Receive it. Correct it. Reject it.

With Love,

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Mayhem #3: Mi Casa Nueva

This week has been hectic. I'm not gonna lie.

The problem isn't (or wasn't, let's say) that I had a lot to do. There is that homework I need to get started on and the whole "have to get to know the campus" thing I've been working on this whole entire time, but seriously? The thing taking up the most time is the general fact that time literally flies when you're alone in the woods. I'm serious. Seriously so.

This week, I've had to participate in a number of welcome week activities including, but not limited to:

-CA meetings (CAs are like RAs only they're "community" advisers)
-A night hike
-A welcome dance
-Resource fairs
-Mandatory presentations
-Going out with the roomies

That last one might not SEEM like a welcome week activity, but every time we're all in the apartment, we kind of make it a thing to go eat together or explore together and when there's NINE of you, you meet people, you're getting to know people, you're feeling a little more welcome as the group of you start to bond and get to know each other. I swear, these guys are great. Last night, for instance, five of us made a trip down to another part of the college to pick up my roommate, Kaitlin, because she didn't want to walk alone in the dark. I. DON'T. BLAME HER. On top of the deer, there are elks and raccoon... I wouldn't want to be anywhere near any of them on my own, either.

BOTTOM LINE: I've been busy. I think that when classes start, things are going to get less and less hectic. HOWEVS, they're not right now, but that doesn't mean I don't love you. It just means:

1. I have bad phone reception
2. I only get internet downstairs because I can't get it in our room
3. I am trying to figure out where things are at the moment
4. I'm adjusting and seeing where my time will be best spent.

SO... to prove I love you guys, I made this ("illegal") video of my new place so you can see where I live and see my smiling face one last time before it goes back into its hole until this paper's done and out of the way. I love and miss you guys. Here is proof. I call it, "Mi Casa: Where Ma Homies' At." Hahaha! I'm so lame. But then again, aren't we all? No?.... Not even a little bit?... Okay, here it is.

And this is for you. Because I know you care about my music and my feelings. Tee-hee! :)

Love you guys! And check in on me tomorrow because I am doing a post about my roommates. They're gonna be my Teaser Tuesday for my Wednesday Quick-Write.

Ciao for now,
Deserae McGlothen (a.k.a. Your Beloved)
P.S. Sorry there was no Snapshot this Saturday! You guys know I'm trying to stay consistent but right now, it's hard. Also, thanks for voting in my "what should Desi do" poll! Remember, you can keep voting until the end of Wednesday, I think. Also, if you want to participate in any of these memes, contact me and I'll link to your blog! I know I'm forgetting something, but I'll talk to you all tomorrow anyway. Byyyeee! And happy Monday, All!

P.S.S. OH YEAH!!! I was supposed to play Float On for you guys. Next time, Gentlefolk.... Next time...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I need YOU to help ME to help US enjoy OURSELVES

I just liked the capitalization idea up there. But in all seriousness, I do need your help, so here is my latest video and the poll to accompany it (Tip: open the vid in a new window if you plan on taking the poll. Gratzi mi amores!):

Dudes and Dudettes, I hope that worked. But thank God there is always music to ease the burdens of our troubled minds.

Until we meet again,

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Quick-Write Wednesday #3: Hard to Say Goodbye

FIRST! A new video for you that I like to call "Bye, bye, bye." Sorry I'm such a spaz in it. I was seriously just... blabbering because I was so A.) paranoid Z was going to catch me and B.) sad-slash-glad-slash-weirded-out-slash-everything-besides-upset.

AND THEN!... A new song! Just for my Wednesday Writes! Woot! No prompt this week. Life is the prompt and I am going with it. :)

Hard To Say Goodbye -Time's Up (aka Another One of MY Fictious Bands)

I'm at the end
I'm at the end of
I'm at the end of this road.
I can't pretend
I can't pretend I
I can't pretend I'm not alone.

It doesn't feel right;
It doesn't feel like anything
at all...
This doesn't look right;
This doesn't look like what I
signed up for.


I want know, I want to know
Why it's so hard to say goodbye
Why there's no reason and no rhyme to the tears
That fall
From my eyes
Even though I know, I've got to go.

Lord knows I
Lord knows I tried
Lord knows I tried to get along.
But something held
But something held me
But something held me back; I knew it was wrong

I couldn't help it;
I couldn't help myself from
turning back...
I tried to hold it,
Hold it together but that just made me a mess.

I want to know, I want to know
Why it's so hard to say goodbye
Why there's no reason and no rhyme to the tears
That fall
From my eyes
Even though I know, I've got to go.

I want to know, I want to know
Why it's so hard to say what needs to be said...
What needs to be spoken...
I want to---
Want to know...
I want to---
Want to know... Even though... I know...
I know that I've got to...


Hahaha! Love you guys! Byyyyyeeeee!
Deserae McGlothen
P.S. Dear Mom, Kia, Dad, Gabby, Eva, Ms. K, and all of my SoCal Lovelies (like Adriel. Lol!),
I'll miss you millions. <3

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Teaser Tuesday #2: Secret Linkage

So I finally made a video of myself singing "Don't Want This (Anymore)" just for you guys who are my blog viewers (lyrics are here! Be sure to open in a different window if you want to sing along. :]). This post is dedicated to the clearly amazing and undoubtedly beautiful Josefina from Lisi's blah-g who:

A. Requested (more than once) for this video to be posted and
B. Left an amazing comment on the lyrics post that not only made me smile, but really encouraged to make my first posted video a couple of days ago.

Of course, I had to follow through, so without further ado, here is the "Don't Want This" Acapella video.

But as you guys know, my posts never end with these things. There is always MORE. So, in the video above you will hear a phrase that might catch your ear. And this link will take you where you might go to find that awesomeness and my brand. NEW. *Covers mouth and runs away*.

Whew! Almost spoiled the surprise there! Okeydoke, Loves. Hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday and I'll see you all tomorrow with another awkward Quick-Write.

Loving you always,

<3 Deserae

P.S. Love you Eva! Thank you for the CD (so thoughtful!) and the letter--- both of which I will be crying to on the plane tomorrow. I love you mucho. Thanks for the wonderful afernoon, your beautiful presence, and this half a year of friendship that I hope blossoms into something a million light years long. :) You are beautiful.

Te amo!

P.S.S. The above song was suggested to you by the lovely Eva. Please enjoy its awesomeness as you tell someone you love that... well... you love them (and will stop the world from turning into a monster or something cheesy like that). Ciao for now, Loves!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Mayhem #2: Moving Out

I'm moving up North on Wednesday, so I'm starting to get all nostalgic and what-not. It hasn't kicked in, yet, that I'm actually leaving. So I filmed this video earlier this morning of our apartment so you could see where I stayed BEFORE college took me away from those I know and love. Hahaha! Just kidding. But yeah, here is my casa. And on Friday, I'll show you mi casa nueva.

So yes. Leaving is starting to feel a little bittersweet. But at least there's more sweet, than bitter, you know? I'm spending a day with my wonderful friend Eva tomorrow so who knows? Maybe she will guest star on the blog by doing a post for you guys.

Anywho, 'tis all for now. Until we meet again!

Deserae McGlothen

P.S. SO the books on the shelf that I pointed to will probably be given away when I come back down so stay tuned for a contest! AND like I said, if you buy Sweet Venom, and take a picture of yourself at home (in your bedroom since I showed you mine! Hahaha!), I will send you Sweet Venom bookmarks and stickers. E-mail me at and attach your pic!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

For Skye

I just got home from hanging out with my dad and guess what? I FOUND MY FLASHDRIVE!!! So I was able to upload a video of me singing (agh!) but unfortunately, the song isn't Don't Want This (boo!). The ironic thing, though, is that this song is about a girl whose boyfriend cheated on her, so my heart goes out to all of you girls who've been cheated on and, if you can put up with my terrible voice, I hope you enjoy it. Video makes me sound like a mouse. I really don't sound like this in person. But yeah, here we go. And, Skye, this is for you. I hope you feel better, Love, and I hope you're able to forgive him one day.

Hope you're having a great Sunday, all. I'll see you tomorrow with another Monday Mayhem post.

"Keep Holding On,"
Deserae McG

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Snapshot Saturday #2: Don't Want This Anymore

EDITED TO ADD: I am posting the video in a Teaser Tuesday blog post! And the lyrics officially match what I'm singing! Yay!

So I was trying to upload a video of me singing the song I wrote for the chapter I'm working on, but the best I could do was supply a picture of me and the lyrics to the song. Enjoy!

Don't Want This Anymore -KISSE
Sometimes I have to wonder why I ever needed you.
You never really cared so I can play uncaring, too.
I went through heck and back to see
That you never wanted me
You proved to me this wasn't love.
Cupid shot me in the heart,
But perfect aim's a faulty art,
And I've finally had enough.

'Cause I thought that this was special; I guess that I was wrong.
This game that we've been playing--- I've finally had enough.
You thought you had me figured; you thought I'd be strung along.
I guess you were wrong. I guess we were wrong.
'Cause I don't want this---

Some nights when I would call you just to say hello,
You'd hang up--- I remember you'd hang up--- and I'd still be on the phone.
Holding hands was too stupid, too immature, too unsophisticated and overrated
Nothing ever pleased you, you know...
My friends act too obnoxiously, too uncontrolled, rambunctiously
You hated their loose behavior
You never talked to them but there you go...

I saw something in you; I thought you saw a something in me, too.
But here we stand, the sand's in hand and it's slipping through our fingers.
I wanted to be with you; I thought you wanted something with me, too.
But here we stand, the sand's in hand and it's slipping...

I thought that this was special, but I was wrong.
This game that we've been playing--- well have you had enough?
You thought you had me figured; you thought I'd be strung along.
I guess you were wrong. I guess we were wrong.
'Cause I don't want this---

Not anymore... Oh no...
And you thought you had me figured; you thought I'd be strung along.
But guess you were wrong, I guess we were wrong,
'Cause I don't want this...

Take care,


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Quick-Write Wednesday #2

Thrift Store Blues

I open the door
in hopes I will find
a blouse, a top
for five dollars or less.

It's called stubborness.
The strain in the search.
I want to give up
but I know my size is somewhere.

My sister taps my shoulder,
"Come on we have to go."
"Just give me a second."
A million fly by.

My heart starts to sink;
I don't have another
moment to waste on hoping
I'll find what I'm looking for here.


Laugh if you must, but I rather like how that turned out. It's more free than I'm used to with my poetry, but it's still got that four line structure I absolutely adore. I don't know if it's obvious or anything, but I am big on cadence. I like things to sound a certain way when I read it. Sometimes I have to read sentences repeatedly in books because there are too many syllables or it's short of rhythm. I know. I AM WEIRD. But that's how my brain works. I think it has to do with the fact that I had to hear "five, six, seh-ven, eight" most of my life.

Anywho, I've been super busy with Anna edits and what-not, so I didn't complete the awesome prompt given to me by Anita over at Lisi's blah-g in advance. I had to wing it today and I FAILED (in someone's opinon), but oh well! There's always next week's Wednesday Writes. And maybe I will be able to put THIS awesome prompt to good use:

Setting: Antique Thrift Store

Sigh. I was all excited about it, too. But enjoy this video of people singing, because, as they say, "Failure is always the best way to learn."

Kings of Convenience rules!
Deserae McGlothen
P.S. Remember, I am always looking for new prompts and people who want to participate! Leave me a comment if you're interested or if you have an idea.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Mayhem #1: Disasters Natural and Otherwise

So last week on Lisi's Blah-g, I was talking to a girl named Deirdre about how she was taking the hurricane. She was keeping me company (God bless her soul) while most of the blah-g gals were at school, and she was telling me that New York didn't get hit as bad as they thought it would--- that they were kind of overprepared because of all of the hype that Irene brought around.

I wanted to talk about how natural disasters made me feel, BUT as ususal, when I start writing, things tend to take an unconventional turn. My first thoughts to share with you this Mundane Monday was going to be to explain my general fear of natural disasters because of how powerless and unprepared I feel when they come around. But, now there's something else I want to talk about. A word that kills.


Disasters, like drama, are unavoidable circumstances. They come at times you least expect them to. They can come in low blows or at full-throttle. But sometimes we're lucky enough to see them coming ahead of time. So we prepare according to what we assume is going to happen. We prepare just in case the worst is going to come at its worst.

Assumption leads to devastation, sometimes, though. Today, I assumed something was going to blow out of proportion and ended up being wrong. I prepared for the worst--- I hate having my own name dragged through the mud--- and I tried to stop it early on. But the tables were turned and yes, they were turned against me. But building up to that moment (and now, even after it) was just a bunch of premeditated and now uncontrollable hype. You live and you learn, I suppose.

Is it wrong to stock up for the winter if you know it's coming? Heck no. And is it wrong to have certain things in place in case it storms? Absolutely not. But, in the end, you have to realize that no matter how much you prepare, no matter what you do to try to stop something, the storm will always run its own course. The  storm will always make its own twist in the story. And you've just got to be able to go with it.

How did you deal with a disaster (natural or otherwise) in your own life? I'd love to hear from you in the comments. Until Wednesday with my latest quick-write (prompt courtesy of the amazing Anita)...

Happy Labor Day,
Deserae M.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Snapshot Saturday #1

Yes, yes... it's Sunday. BUT you still get the snapshot, don'tcha know? Here is a snap of my current WIP. It's the first part of chapter one. Lucky you!

I think if you clickity click on the picture, you can enlarge it. BUT, just in case that wasn't possible, I blew it up as large as I possibly could. :) And oh gosh... thanks to this snapshot, I just saw something I need to change. See?... You guys are helping me. Amanda's middle name is not really Natalia. What the freezing heck? Anywho, here is a picture of something that inspired me this week. Actually, I found this picture a while ago on Maya's blog, and I TOTALLY needed to share it with you. Because Anna kind of feels like the subject of this photo and the caption provides the LOL! moment that is her life. Love you guys mucho. Have an amazing rest of your weekend!

Deserae <3

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Anna, Revisited

A lot of times, I take myself for granted. I forget that I need to exercise to stay fit, eat to stay well, sleep to stay awake the next morning, and enjoy life to keep my perspective whole. But I mean, sometimes I really take my mind for granted. I get so bogged down by what I "can't" do, I forget there's a lot of stuff I can do while I'm learning and growing and developing mentally. 

For example, I can write a darn good summary of events, but I often tell myself I "can't" come up with good dynamic plots. Today, though, I had to look at something I hadn't looked at in a while, and figure out how to make the plot more dynamic. So what did I do? I wrote a (fictional, but darn good) summary. And now I know where I'm going with this new version of this manuscript.

I've often told myself I'm not good at starting over. That I'm not good at editing for diddles or for squat. But I know that I can finish a project. I know that I can get from point A to inciting incident B to plot twist C to climax D to resolution E no problem. So although this manuscript needs to be done from scratch, it's building off of its predecessor, because no duh, Sherlock! If we finished it once, we can finish it again!

So dear project that's currently untitled but has to do with Anna, I'm not going to take myself for granted. I know that I can finish you, make you better, make you presentable. I've had faith in you since grade four when we first met, and I have faith in you, now, two weeks before I leave for college to start my so-called life. I love you, Annabee... And I'm not taking myself for granted this time, because we need to get 'er done.

And for those of you who want to get to know my MC, stop back by on Saturday where I'll be taking a pic of my screen for you. It's a first person narrative so I'm sure you'll get a sense of her no matter where I snap the pic. BUT! If you just can't wait 'til then, here's a lyrics video of the song "My Mirror Speaks" by Death Cab for Cutie. I think Anna feels like this about herself a lot through the story, so if you can relate to the song, you've already got something in common with the girl I'm about to spend the next two weeks of my life with uncensored.

Until we meet again!