Friday, September 23, 2011

My Roomies

I've been asked by at least 50 different people if I liked my roommates. The answer to that is yes.

But I've also been asked what they're like and the answer to that is a little less clear. Because imagine, if you will, eight very different people. Now put them in an apartment and see how they mesh. For us, it's working out pretty well... for others, not so much.

So I'm going to try to give you my best representation of them through imitation versions of them via pictures of popular characters and/or celebrities. Does that make sense? Well I'm doing it anyway. So without further ado, I give you my roomies. And without further, further ado, here we go.


I chose blonde Katy Perry to represent Emily because of three things: the spunk, the smile, and the style. Emily's got a very California Girl fashion sense. I love that she rocks dresses and multi-colored shorts. Emily's a cutie--- the pink typeface definitely fits her. Unfortunately, Emily moved out today, but she's always going to be an honorary member of our apartment's family. She's the always smiling, want to party?, let's have fun girl of our suite and she's sweet on top of all of that.


Gabe is so much like Julian Smith, it's kind of surreal to me. I've loved Julian Smith for the longest, but now I get to live with his doppleganger. So I'm like, "Yay me!" Gabe is SUCH a character. First of all, he is the only guy I know who can sing every Disney song ever made (no joke. Every one. Ever.) and songs from musicals I can't even name. He's also an artist (although he refuses to admit it) and he's extremely friendly and social. Like Julian, he has a bit of a perfectionist's mentality (if he's going to do something, he's going to do it right), and like my brother in law, he's always trying to figure out the most efficient and/ or cost effective ways to do and get things. In short, Gabe is awesome. And he loves his blue hoodie, too.


 Kaitlin is my roommie. She is Bridget Mendler adorable. I was going to say she was Taylor Swift adorable, but Kaitlin, like Bridget, has a very girl-next-door thing about her which made Bridget win out in the end. Kaitlin is tall and thin and played volleyball and can SING... And she's SUPER smart. And we love the same music (cough, cough, Backstreet Boys, cough). And she loves her friends back home. And she is just amazing. So because she's the blonde of the house (now that Emily is no longer with us), she gets gold as her color of recognition. She's golden, ya'll! GOL-DEN!


 Gurshawn is a real wildcard. When I first met him, I thought he was going to be the most shy, quiet person in the whole entire world. No. And heck no. This guy can dance. This guy can talk. This guy is super sweet and knowledgable. He's travelled. He's from Canada. And when I first saw him, Dev was the first face that came to mind. I know Dev and Shawn are different ethnicities (and Shawn doesn't really LOOK like Dev in a total "oh they could be twins!" way), but there are similarities in the personalities and the way they carry themselves. I admit, Shawn's a little more shy in the way he stands and sits (like he's more reserved, you know?) but do you see that girl on Dev's arm? Yeah. I'm betting anything Gurshawn's going to have a girl like that one day. He's a mack-daddy, yo! (I'm sure I spelled that wrong. A good sign it's time to move on.)


Due is the shortest one of the bunch. She's small, Asian, and thin, and I didn't really know any characters that actually fit her personality. But then I thought of Barbara from Suite Life of Zach and Cody (Sophie Oda. Woot!) and Barbara is kind of like Due. Kind of. Due is quiet until you get to know her. And then she's really fun and funny. She's got a great sense of humor, she can cook (from what I know), and she likes to be active in the sense that she'd rather be outside than sitting around the apartment doing nothing. I don't know too much about her, but she's really cool. And her boyfriend brought me Oreos when I was having an extreme cookie craving. So she's the coolest as far as I'm concerned. The. Coolest.


Robbie (short for Robert) reminds me of Cho from the Mentalist. Not only does he have Tim Kang's serious face down pact, but he also has the arm cross down, too! Robbie looks serious sometimes, but he loves to smile and laugh--- he just needs an excuse to do it. He's always around the apartment (kind of like me). And he's our go-to guy if anything breaks, doesn't work, or if we need things to be done.


Okay so Adria Grenier isn't my first choice for a Carlos look-alike, but do you see the hair? Now imagine it a little past shoulder-length and a whole lot curlier. THAT is what Carlos (a.k.a. Shaggy) looks like hair-wise. Carlos is the one who comes to get us girls from our late classes. Carlos is the one who takes out the trash. Carlos is the one who is going downtown with me tomorrow to get provisions for our apartment. So basically, Carlos is the man.


Again, this wasn't my first choice. But I ended up picking V Hudgens to represent V because she has presence, power, and a certain thing that makes her unique and kind of uncomparable. My Vanessa is strong, she's funny, she loves to laugh, she can cook, and she's very independent. I don't think anyone could be her, and I really love that about her character.

So as you can see we're a very diverse group. And it works for us. I wish you the best with your roomie situation when it comes around!



  1. OMG YOU HAVE SUCH AWESOME ROOMATES!!!!! It's so cool, you've already made a whole bunch of new friends! They all sound great and I think I like Kaitlyn best ( Not just casue I love bridget mendler). I hope your college continues to be ah-mazing, and I loved how you used celeb photos to represent them XD And thank you so much for your comments on my blog!!! =) Whenever I see them I feel really happy. You're an ah-mazing VBS ( Virtual Big Sis) <333 xoxo, Maya

  2. Haha! Yeah, my roomies are pretty cool. Kaitlin is really cool so I had to put up a cool girl to represent her. :) Thanks for the love! I hope college continues to be great, too, because Lord knows, it can only go uphill from here. My roommates have seriously been the best part about the adjustment. I was cringing, preparing myself for the worst, but God gave me the best! WOOT!

    And that's absolutely no problem, Love! When I see things on the blah-g, I try to check them out! I comment on yours because blogger lets me, but even if you don't see a comment, know I'm reading! All of you guys are the greatest online family a girl could've hoped for. Thanks for your continued support and know that,"I. Heart. You!" Gotta love Alicia... :)