Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Teaser Tuesday #2: Secret Linkage

So I finally made a video of myself singing "Don't Want This (Anymore)" just for you guys who are my blog viewers (lyrics are here! Be sure to open in a different window if you want to sing along. :]). This post is dedicated to the clearly amazing and undoubtedly beautiful Josefina from Lisi's blah-g who:

A. Requested (more than once) for this video to be posted and
B. Left an amazing comment on the lyrics post that not only made me smile, but really encouraged to make my first posted video a couple of days ago.

Of course, I had to follow through, so without further ado, here is the "Don't Want This" Acapella video.

But as you guys know, my posts never end with these things. There is always MORE. So, in the video above you will hear a phrase that might catch your ear. And this link will take you where you might go to find that awesomeness and my brand. NEW. *Covers mouth and runs away*.

Whew! Almost spoiled the surprise there! Okeydoke, Loves. Hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday and I'll see you all tomorrow with another awkward Quick-Write.

Loving you always,

<3 Deserae

P.S. Love you Eva! Thank you for the CD (so thoughtful!) and the letter--- both of which I will be crying to on the plane tomorrow. I love you mucho. Thanks for the wonderful afernoon, your beautiful presence, and this half a year of friendship that I hope blossoms into something a million light years long. :) You are beautiful.

Te amo!

P.S.S. The above song was suggested to you by the lovely Eva. Please enjoy its awesomeness as you tell someone you love that... well... you love them (and will stop the world from turning into a monster or something cheesy like that). Ciao for now, Loves!

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