Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Quick-Write Wednesday #2

Thrift Store Blues

I open the door
in hopes I will find
a blouse, a top
for five dollars or less.

It's called stubborness.
The strain in the search.
I want to give up
but I know my size is somewhere.

My sister taps my shoulder,
"Come on we have to go."
"Just give me a second."
A million fly by.

My heart starts to sink;
I don't have another
moment to waste on hoping
I'll find what I'm looking for here.


Laugh if you must, but I rather like how that turned out. It's more free than I'm used to with my poetry, but it's still got that four line structure I absolutely adore. I don't know if it's obvious or anything, but I am big on cadence. I like things to sound a certain way when I read it. Sometimes I have to read sentences repeatedly in books because there are too many syllables or it's short of rhythm. I know. I AM WEIRD. But that's how my brain works. I think it has to do with the fact that I had to hear "five, six, seh-ven, eight" most of my life.

Anywho, I've been super busy with Anna edits and what-not, so I didn't complete the awesome prompt given to me by Anita over at Lisi's blah-g in advance. I had to wing it today and I FAILED (in someone's opinon), but oh well! There's always next week's Wednesday Writes. And maybe I will be able to put THIS awesome prompt to good use:

Setting: Antique Thrift Store

Sigh. I was all excited about it, too. But enjoy this video of people singing, because, as they say, "Failure is always the best way to learn."

Kings of Convenience rules!
Deserae McGlothen
P.S. Remember, I am always looking for new prompts and people who want to participate! Leave me a comment if you're interested or if you have an idea.

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