Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years!

It's been crazy over here so I'm sorry, I haven't been blogging!

But I just wanted to make my New Years wishes before the clock struck 12 here in California.

So my wish is that no matter what challenges life brings--- no matter what hardships we may encounter--- I hope that we face them with heads held high, chins up, and chests out. That we trust God to lead us and that we trust that we'll be stronger coming out of the other end. I pray that we challenge ourselves to do the things we've always wanted to do, and that we challenge others to accomplish their goals. And I hope that we all stop dreaming and start realizing those dreams because today is all we have, and a new year will be upon us before we know it.

So let's do this, you guys! Happy New Year to you all and may it be filled with laughs, love, and a newfound appreciation for life.

Love always,
P.S. Neil Gaiman loves you guys too. Read, read, read.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WriMo Day 20

So I forgot to blog yesterday. Ohmagosh, no way!

Yes way. I was a total blogging failure.

But thankfully, you guys are awesome. Arianna totally reminded me, none of you tried to kill me, the earth didn't explode into a million pieces, and life, as we know it, continued on.

So I thought I'd fill you guys in on some stuff. I wrote a little over 500 words yesterday and I'm pretty sure I'm going to hit 1,000 today if we hit the road as soon as my mom gets home. You see, today is going to be my last day in SoCal. Because mysisterwentintofreakinglabor! and now we're trying to get ready to run up there before Mini Z makes an official appearance.

It's exciting! It's miraculous! And it would be ten times cooler if my mom appeared soon so we could leave before it gets dark! But if she doesn't, then we'll be taking off in the morning. And Millie Cat will be able to have one more night en la casa.

But yeah, what I find funny is that all these changes are happening kind of quickly. One minute, I'm graduating high school, the next, my sister reveals that she's been prego for a couple months... The second after that I'm in college and soon after, my other sister reveals she's Mrs. Chris So-and-so. Things are happening fast. And I've got to run, but know that I'm very thrilled to see where 2012 takes us all.


Monday, December 26, 2011

WriMo Day 18

No writing today except for the writing I'm doing now.

I spent today reuniting with my guitar. Massaging and kissing my fingertips. Eating sweet potato pie.

But don't worry! The sore in my mouth is totally going away! You can all sleep easier tonight. You're welcome.

Lots of love,
P.S. I'm on another Doctor Who kick, and what better way to celebrate with some Chameleon Circuit? None more better. That's what.

Commenting on Comments
Maya: Thanks! And my sister Ziza is prego and about to pop. She's opting to keep her baby's name a secret until she's born, so we all just call her "Mini-Z" because we know little one's going to be just as cute and feisty as her mama. 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Reason for the Season

We interrupt this WriMo for a very special announcement.

It's Christmas! So Merry Christmas everyone!

This Christmas, I got almost everything I wanted.
-Alex Day hit number four on the UK charts as an unsigned artist.
-The entire HP movie collection is now in my clutches. Nostalgia is setting in.
-So many of you commented to wish me a merry Christmas.
-And Mini Z, my soon-to-be-niece, is on the way.

So with all of these wonderful things happening, it's easy to get caught up in the hype of a commercialized Christmas. It's hard, however, to remember why we have a reason to celebrate.

Let me tell you a story. It starts with a journey, as most stories do. Three men set off in search of a child, and their only guiding light is a star over the sleepy town of Bethlehem. Enter Joseph, a young carpenter in Nazareth, and his pregnant wife Mary who is due any day, now. The two are being forced to trek back to Bethlehem in order to be counted for a census ordered by the king.

It's not until the couple gets there that Mary starts having labor pains, and her husband, being the sweetheart that he is, sets her on a donkey and leads her to every inn in town. But each say, "There is no room, here," and sent the couple on their way. Each of them, but one.

"I have a stable," one innkeeper tells them, seeing that the woman is with child and about to burst. They accept his hospitality as they're in need of a place to stay, and soon afterward, Mary gives birth to the Son of God.

From the humblest of beginnings, my Savior was born. And in that lowly stable, Christmas came to be. When the Wise Men reached him months and months later, they saw him and knew that he was the Son of God. And each of them presented him with a gift--- each of them gave him all that they had to pay respect to the newborn King.

So as you celebrate Christmas today, think of the ones you love. I hope you give without thinking and love without wanting. Today is about more than the things we see under the Christmas tree. It's about more than the lights that we string representative of the one that led those men to Christ. As Talia says, it's about love. The love that Jesus and His Father have for me and for you, and about the love that I hope you pass on to others.

Have a very merry Christmas, All.

P.S. Thank you Prerna and Maya! Merry, merry Christmas to you both.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

WriMo Day 16

So last night, I wrote another 1,260 words for The Secret Project, and today, I wrote another 1,280 words for  The Secret Project. No words went toward The Girl Book, though, so I can't give any treaties, BUT it is Christmas Eve so my excuse is that I've been running around doing things like last minute shopping.

And OH MY GOSH! Last minute shopping sucks! Why are there so many procrastinators in the world? I'm supposed to be the only one!

But that's another tale completely. All that I have left to say to you guys is Happy Merry Christmas! and do enjoy the holiday as well as five of my favorite Christmas songs.

1. Nat King Cole "The Christmas Song."

2. Donny Hathaway "This Christmas"

3. Eartha Kitt "Santa Baby"

4. George Winston "Carol of the Bells"

5. Mariah Carey "All I Want for Christmas"

Deserae <3

Commenting on Comments
Nikki: It's still Christmas Eve here so Merry Christmas Eve to you, too! I'm glad you like Mari and thanks for your love and comment! :) Have a very merry Christmas indeed. 

Friday, December 23, 2011

WriMo Day 15

Once again, it was a productive writing day! And oddly enough (or not so oddly, knowing me) it wasn't for The Girl Book.

I did get 50 whole words down for The Girl Book! But since that's the equivalent of about three or four healthy sentences from me, I don't exactly see that as the "bestest" thing in the whole entire world.

I did, however, get about 1,500 words done for The Secret Project. I might have to add a tag for it now, because it's actually progressing quite nicely and, in time, this WILL be something I get to share with you completely instead of in random teaser tiny bits.

But until that day comes here's a pic of another MC for The Girl Book. And because you guys have been so great, I went past her eyes. Yay! I told you--- if I get any words down, treats will be given, and 50 words, Man! That's more than the average bear writes in his lifetime.

The quotes indicate that even though her full first name is "Mari-Elena," she prefers to (and really) go(es) by "Mari," a name I've grown quite fond of over time. Although she looks very sweet and innocent, Mari is a real trip when it comes to boys. And although you haven't met the last (or second to last--- not sure what to call the fifth girl, really) MC yet, I can tell you that the two of them clash because of Mari's boy issues. Ladies, do not be like that, PLEASE.

But despite that, Mari's talented and brilliant. She's the brainiest of the bunch and probably the most silly because of her lack of experience with boykind. But what shines beyond that is that she has a good heart, and although it's obvious that she doesn't always mean well, she still has a conscience that nags at her until she makes things right again.

So yes, she's very imperfect. As am I! You know, I've been thinking about what it means to participate in a "WriMo" and isn't the point of it all that you just, you know... write?! Well I've been doing that. Every stinkin' day! And yet statistically, I am 3,000 words behind where I should be at this point since today marks the halfway point of the month. Say it with me everybody:


P.S. This is one of my favorite Christmas songs and videos every. The original vid got taken down, but thank goodness for people who re-uploaded! Seriously. I can't spend Christmas without this version of the song. And speaking of, there are only two days until Christmas! What's on your wishlists for Santa?

Commenting on Comments
Maya: You guys will definitely be the first to know if The Secret Project gets anywhere beyond my computer screen. All I can say right now is that I've been belting it out and so far, I'm really loving it. Plus there are stick figures involved. Who doesn't love those?! I'm glad you liked the music, as well! That's always great to hear. And, again, I just wanted to say that I'm thrilled you liked the Daily Dose. I hope Alex Day's "Forever Yours" gets UK #1 and I love that all of the proceeds go to charity, so spread the word! 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

WriMo Day 14

Today was exceptionally brilliant writing wise. Cumulatively, I belted out a little more than 2,800 words and it was spread out to three different things.

500 went to an outline I was working on.
1,7hundredandsome went to a super secret project I'm working on and can't wait to tell you about (but will have to. Sucks! But hey! I invented a new number for you so, shh!).
545 went toward The Girl Book and those were written a little after midnight in a weird "MUST WRITE" craze.

So I think I'm getting back into this writing thing. I should've written more toward The Girl Book, I know, but I was very productive today. So productive, it hurts, okay? So in honor of that, here's a few of Faye's faves. Music is really special in this story so I don't feel bad doing another whole blog post about it. Hehe! These, by the way, are in no particular order. And neither were Lynette's. Side note. Sorry!

1. The Summer Set's "Someone Like You."
Faye is a sucker for upbeat, "Girl, I love you!" music. So as an example of that here's one of the ones she likes most of all. "Someone Like You" songs hardly ever miss the mark (*cough, cough, Adele! cough*)

2. Panic at the Disco's "Ready to Go." 
When it comes to Faye's favorite real-life band, it would have to be Panic at the Disco. They're the closest thing to her favorite "in her world" band called Just Kidding! and the way that both bands create both positive AND sarcastic music really appeals to Faye for some reason...

3. The Civil Wars "Tip of my Tongue"
Even though Faye doesn't sing country/ folksy music, she still enjoys listening to it every once in a while. The Civil Wars make music that Faye loves. The lyrics are meaningful, beautiful, and haunting in nearly every song they write, and she wants to make music JUST like that.

4. Parachute "Kiss Me Slowly." 
If only a certain boy named Christopher Laidlaw would perhaps want to dance with her to this song... Then, and only then, would her life be complete. Or, you know, that's what she thinks.

5. Adele's "Tired." 
This is Sarah's favorite song by her favorite female artist. So that's something worth listening to.
Commenting on Comments
Maya: So glad you liked the Daily Dose! And the song! And that you're going to come to the movie night! Sorry. It's almost midnight so I'm rushing to post. But I agree with you about all of your fave movies... You have awesome taste, Girly!  

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

WriMo Day 13

Don't ask me why, but I'm exhausted. It's only 8:00 here in Cali and I'm... SLEEPY!!!

All my late nights... junk food eating... All of those days I went without going out of the house for some fresh air are finally catching up with me. Today I rode around with my mom a little. I wrote a little bit of outline so I know how the rest of "Friday, September 12th" plays out. I hugged my Millie Cat and she blinked at me. But I still feel...


If you haven't already, do visit the Treaties for You page to read an excerpt from Faye's perspective. If you have, thank you kindly. Your feedback made me smile. If you must know the truth, there will probably be no words flowing from my fingertips tonight. And if you don't need the truth, I love you muchly, and I'll lie to comfort you by saying that there's always a possibility I shall end up writing something.

I wonder if these blog words count. Now I'm just fishing for excuses to give you guys content.

Wait a minute! I just typed a seven word sentence. And as you know, if I write ANYTHING, you get some content. So because my writing day was lame, the content you'll get will be small. Here's the chorus of a song Faye and her best friend, Ian, wrote together over the summer before The Girl Book begins. I willn't sing it to you. At least, not tonight. Haha!

Daydream believer won't you sing our song?
I'm so convinced that it could last forever.
Dance me away to days that we'll spend together
On the stage that we've claimed is ours.
Sing me our song.

And speaking of original songs... More Lewis anyone? I'm sorry. My sister has got me hooked.

Ciao for now,
P.S. Check out the latest Daily Dose to find out how buying a song can help raise money for charity! The sales only count between now and Christmas Day so ask your parents for permission to buy it if you like the song and also, spread the word!

Commenting on Comments
Maya: You're the bestest, you know that?! Thank you so much for saying that. It's funny because character DOES come easier to me than plot. But I don't know! I have another MC in The Girl Book who took a long time to figure out. And originally, she was supposed to be the main MC. Lol! I'm glad you like the excerpts. I'll definitely post one next week as well so that you can meet MC number three. And the only time I say "ee"ther is when I say, "either or; neither nor." Haha! Are you attending the blah-g girl movie night. I hope so!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

WriMo Day 12

There are only five more days until Christmas. When the heck did that happen?!

Tonight was a pretty successful writing night. Not as successful as I wanted, but I plowed through it and the result was 1,350 words toward The Girl Book and me getting out of a Lynette scene that, for some freaking reason was killing me to write. But I owe you guys something big (or biggish) and so here is a scene from Faye's perspective. As usual, the scene will only be up for a limited time, so if you read it, be sure to tell me what you think! It's kind of hard to give you guys a Faye scene that's not very spoiler-y, so forgive the lack of exploding cars in the background--- I do try to keep the casualties in my contemporaries to a minimum (aka zero!).

Thanks for sticking with me this long guys! This WriMo thing is beating me up. And oh my goodness gracious, do I need the company.

With all my love!

P.S. Charlie really is so cool like. Just thought you ought to know...

Commenting on Comments
Prerna: Thanks, Love! And yes, I like doing character profiles, too, but that's usually when I know I haven't quite figured out the plot yet... I obsess over characters until they drive me up a wall and I have to just begin. 

Maya: Glad you like Faye :), it's cool that you can jump right in (I tend to but end up pulling out and having to start again and again), and thanks for your Lynette support. We'll just stick with the one 'n.' Over thinking this spelling thing could result in disaster. I LOVE that song by Linkin Park! And just for the record, I say "eye"ther. Lol! 

Aria (from email): I finally surpassed 20K today! I am sort of on track for my WriMo. And you know how pleased I am that you like my sassy Sarah (I meant, Faye! Honest!). 

Monday, December 19, 2011

WriMo Day 11

my darling little sister has to go to school tomorrow so i promised her i would make this quick. and although my phone will not let me capitalize or contract my verbs, i wanted to tell you guys i wrote three hundred and three words tonight. not bad but not great. i am going to run out of tomorrows to make this slacking off up.

alrighty. i must go before my inner grammar tyrant makes an appearance.

talk to you guys later. and i promise to comment on comments soon. bye. with an exclamation point and everything.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

WriMo Day 10

I know the day's still young, but I just agh! I can't write anymore! I think I need to take a creative break and write a song or do jumping jacks. I don't know. Everything in me is just rebelling against hitting the 20,000 word mark and I KNOW why I do this. I KNOW I'm just scared of this story going anywhere. But...

It still doesn't change the fact that I'm not writing right now. No matter how long I keep my eyes on this computer screen, the words just AREN'T going to come out. So I think I'm going to take a break. I think I'm going to think ahead and plot out what's going to happen beyond this scene. And we'll try again a little later. That's fair, right? I'm sure it's at least fair enough.

I've already got 253 words out today, though, so just in case I never return (aka go to bed without opening The Girl Book document again until tomorrow), I thought I'd introduce you to girl number two.

She's the oldest of the bunch and she's my Southern Belle. Sarah's character is so much fun to write because she's this no-nonsense, go-after-your-dreams type person who hails from New Orleans and is not afraid to get down. Too bad I'm not working on a Faye scene (you have to call her Faye, folks. If you don't, she will kill you); I would've been done yesterday!

Oh. And you see that weird "ear piercings" thing? Please ignore it. I make notes on my character drawings so that I can remember certain things like eye color, hair color, and things like their goals and hometowns and what nots. So yeah. That's what that is.

Do you guys do character profiles before you begin writing? I don't do it all the time, but sometimes (ESPECIALLY when working with multiple MC's) it helps. How do you go about doing it if you do and what information do you count as relevant?

Until next time, Loves. Here's a song of my little sister's favorite "college" boy singing an original song of his. Ignore the talking in the beginning. The song is actually quite lovely when you give it a listen.

Ciao for now,
Commenting on Comments
Maya: Thanks, Lovely. I had a great time and seriously loved the movie. I'm a little biased, though, because when you put Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. together in a film... that's... that's just not fair. :) My dear little Wondercat is now shaved and skinny. But she's clean! And that, my friend is a beautiful thing. I was glad I chose Lynnette too until my sister was like, "You've always just spelled it with one 'n.'" And I was like, "Did I?" And she was like "...Yeah." So... I'm confused once again. I guess, we'll see what happens. But spelling aside, her name is still Lyn(n)ette. And I mean, that's pretty awesome. Lol!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

WriMo Day 9

Hi, Guys.

So today was an overall fail on the writing spectrum. I was too busy doing things offline (shocker! I know!) with my dear friend Eva who had a birthday last week. Today, we finally got to celebrate. And you know what?

I had fun.

So instead of beating myself up about it, we're just going to have to wait and see what tomorrow produces. We're taking the neighborhood cat to get cleaned tomorrow (we love her--- it's a shame her actual owner lives down the street, but quite fortunate that she lets us take Millie around as if she's our own) so I'll be up fairly early. So hopefully I get some stuff done, yo. And while I'm doing WORK, you guys should go out and view the following:

Ciao, Darlings,
Commenting on Comments
Prerna: Thanks, Love! Seriously, I just have these sudden spurs of energy. The way I'm writing this book, though, helps, I can't deny it. When you change the way you're used to doing things, you're challenged to do them better. Don't ask me why that works; it just does. 

Maya: Oh, I'm glad Lynnette (see! Double "n's!" I think we'll do it, Girly. Thanks for responding to that plea) has influenced you in the way of classical music. Definitely give it a try! It stimulates brain cells and can't distract you while doing homework--- there're no words! Lol! And I just speak the truth when I comment. I'm glad you received it well. :) There were only minor things I saw, but, yeah, Girly; you blew me away! Keep it up. I don't know where this is going or if it'll continue, but I definitely can say the writing, itself, was good. And seriously?! I am SO down for contributing to that! Let me just open the drawer here, and ah! There they are! ALL of my unfinished projects waiting to be compiled into one MARVELOUS collection. :) And yay! Glad you like Austin! I think it'll work, yes? We'll make it work. 

WriMo Day 8

This post is late. I know! But never fear... I'm still posting for what is now technically yesterday and technically today DESPITE my being off track. This post'll be short because once again I'm phone posting, but I wanted to inform you all that while I DEFINITELY hit my word count goal for today (2500, remember?) I failed in putting those toward The Girl Book. But when I post later in the afternoon or evening, I'll explain why AND introduce you to The Girl Book's character of the week. Fair enough? Gosh! Tough crowd...

Talk to you soon!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

WriMo Day 7

Not much to report today because I've been reading more than I've been writing. BUT because I did write a gripload of comments for this project I'm Beta reading, I am going to count those hundred or so comments with about ten or so words each as my writing for the day. So that means I owe you guys a treat. And yes, I realize that I'm just being a big 'ole cheat right now. Don't worry! I'll make it up to you and the girls tomorrow. I won't go to sleep until I've written 2,500 words. And that's pretty cool because I ended up writing just about that much LAST night because after I wrote that blog post, I wanted to finish up the scene I was working on.

So without further ado, let's finish up Lynette's week with some of her favorite music. Do not be alarmed! She's only as weird as I make her!

1. OkGo's "End Love." 
This is actually why I featured the song a few days. When I stumbled upon it again, I was writing a Lynette scene and I imagined her listening to it in that scene. And it's probably the grooviest song ever! Lynette likes to groove. She's an oldie in that way.

2. Maria Mena "Nevermind Me." 
She's a really shy girl, Lynette is. And no matter how hard she tries to overcome it, there's this little voice in her head that's always telling her she's small. Thankfully, she meets some people who offer ways of fighting that inner demon. But sometimes, that doesn't work, and she listens to all of the sad, self-pitying music she can find. Maria Mena is both her ego booster and pity-party leader.

3. Beethoven's "Moonlight." 

To be honest, though, Lynette hardly has time for drama. The closest she comes to confrontation is when she's playing her cello and getting lost in the music. Since she's a classical musician, she spends MOST of her free time listening to and learning classical music. This is her favorite classical composition.

4. Yurima "River Flows in You."
But she's not all about the classics. She likes to listen to newer composers, as well. This is her favorite modern composition and the song that she feels is the most "romantic love song" of all times. Too bad she doesn't have time for love. Did you see her schedule?!

5. Claude Debussy "Claire de Lune." 
And this song has sentimental values for her. Not only was it the first song she learned to play all the way through (on the piano. First a pianist! Now a cellist), but it was also the first song she ever performed for an audience and it was the song that her father used to play on repeat to lull her to sleep when she was younger. Plus, it's a gorgeous composition. I adore it, too (*looks away* *scratches head*). 

And that's all (the music you need) from me today! Guess what guys?! Tomorrow's Friday!

Deserae <3
P.S. I've found myself in a predicament. I accidentally spelled "Lynette" as "Lynnette" in one instance and I can't tell which spelling I like more! Which do you prefer? The single or the double "n." Right now... I think I... agh!

Commenting on Comments
Maya: My mom is... a mom. Haha! But gosh! I used to be the same way. That's why The Girl Book got put into a folder. When I picked it up a few days ago, I realized I had left off on a good part. Like what in the world did I do that for?! Makes no stinking sense... And oh my gosh, you're a brave woman. If I had her schedule, I would die, come back from the grave to complain, and then die again to get out of doing the work. Haha! But BMA has a wide variety of classes. You know what would be fun? Letting you guys pick classes you'd like and then writing you in as "extras." Lol! That'd be so cool. I love slipping people I know into my stories as side characters. Don't be surprised if that accidentally happens. I mean, who KNOWS what these fingers are capable of?! And Hart was starting to grow on me. I've always loved the name "Joshua" though. And "Jackson." Boy, do I love "Jackson." For a girl, though. There are too many Jackson's hanging around nowadays in YA (or am I imagining that?! Maybe it was some other name I was fond of like William or James... Hmm... I should actually look that up now. I'm becoming paranoid...)
Aria (from email): Does it show, though? Like really? I DO love The Girl Book right now, but is it SHOWING?! That's intense! :) Thanks, Love for your support. I know I owe you some PW, but I've been... occupied... Hehe!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WriMo Day 6: Writing What You Love

Because this week seems to have been Lynette-centered, I thought I'd keep that theme going by treating you to her class schedule to celebrate the fact that TODAY, I wrote 1,777 words AND I am not. finished. writing. Yippee!

I would just outright tell you what The Girl Book is about, but I feel like you guys are SO smart and SO clever, you've probably already formed some sort of idea of the themes and ideas this book is wrapped around. If not, that's alright! The month is young and there are plenty of chances for me to give myself away. But until then, I must admit I'm having too much fun giving you guys seemingly random teaser things and then talking to you guys about TV and things that have absolutely nothing to do with them.

So in the spirit of how we've been doing things, I thought I'd take a minute to propose a semi-dialogue with you all about something that gave me a bit of a shock as I was writing today. Last night, I made myself hold off on writing Lynette's next scene even though I was itching to get it down in writing because I thought it was probably going to be pretty fantastic once I saw it on paper.

And... I mean, in my opinion, it was. It wasn't the BEST Lynette scene I'd ever written, but I'm a pretty harsh critic of my own work, and even I was laughing and smiling and cringing at my dear girl's awkward shyness and the inter-workings of her conservatively wired mind. It was cool to see come to life because, I mean, I had been away from this project and these girls for SO long, I was literally frightened to try to jump into their heads again.

But... after rereading the material I already had... After getting nice responses from you guys about the excerpt and my WriMo in general... After going through the folder I have that has all of GIP's goodies... I was shocked to remember how much I loved this project, and surprised to realize I'd purposely stepped away from it because I didn't think I did. I mean, what the heck?! How could I not love this project?!

And then today, when I was writing, the strangest thing happened. I wanted to write. I didn't want to stop writing. I was mad at myself for needing food (but, Boy, did I need food), and I was mad at my mom for asking me to wash the towels (but, Man, did we need towels). Because I thought, if I stopped once I was in the zone, I was going to lose that zeal I had at the beginning of the day.

But I didn't.

It was still there when I returned an hour and a half later.

And you know why? Because I was loving what I was writing. And I realized the difference between the days that I hated writing and the days that I loved it wasn't me or my story or my ideas or whatever other nonsense I'd blamed it on that day just to cut myself some slack... It was that I didn't LOVE what I was writing. I didn't love what was going down on the page, you know?

What little things do you notice about your own writing habits, good days, and bad days? This post has gotten a bit massive but that's alright; I want to know! Lynette's schedule shows what a typical day at BMA is like. You'd probably hate going there, or maybe you'd love it depending on how sadistic you were as a high school freshman. Personally, I would've welcomed the challenge. At least it would've given me something worthwhile to complain about.

Lynnette Highmore's Schedule of Classes
7:30- 8:45: Orchestra--- Classical Music
9:00- 9:45: Honors American Literature
10:00- 10:45: Geometry
11:45- 1:00: From Swing to The King: 1920's- 1960's Music (A Course in History)
1:15- 2:00: Earth Science
2:15- 2:45: Extra Curricular Environmental Studies
2:50- 3:30: Yoga

So do you still think you want to go to BMA? I... didn't think so...

P.S. Sonal totally featured this song on her blog. And I lalalalove it! I need to start featuring Christmas music. We'll see what I can do in the near future. 

Commenting on Comments
Maya: Oh, you've totally brightened my day. Thank you for reading and I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I wish Lisi had written more books, too, because, to be perfectly honest, I wasn't pleased with how it ended. I wanted... something else. I wish her publisher would've let her have more time to expand the series. I love the last name Daniels, but I'm not feeling either name. Maybe if I knew his character better. Of the two, though, I prefer Hart. Hart Daniels actually DOES have a bit of a ring to it now that I put it altogether like that. :) I can think of some guy names tonight and post them when I respond to your new post! Yes I see there's one there and yes, I'll be responding, soon. Love ya much!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

WriMo Day 5

I'm not doing a very good job at tracking how many words I've done compared to how many words I SHOULD have done, but today I finished (575 + 198...) 773 words for The Girl Book. And I'm still writing! So that's always a good thing, I think.

I told you I had some things I wanted to link you to so first! Here's the exclusive content I promised you--- it's another excerpt because, well, you saw one of The Boy Book so I think it's only fair you see one of The Girl Book, right? So click here to read a scene from Lynette's perspective after you check out all of these cool thingamabobbers. This excerpt will be taken down in about a week so read it and let me know if you like it before it... gets taken down in a week! Yeah!

Thingamabob #1: Prerna's blog, The Sands of Writing, always has really cool writerly type things. And it's actually encouraged me to talk more about writing, than to just talk about writing (if you visit her blog, you'll see what I mean). So click up above to just check out her blog or click here to read a post that I HAD to comment on because I loved it so much. I think as writers, it's good to support one another. ESPECIALLY if you meet a writer who not only has marvelous things to say, but also likes Once Upon a Time. Just. Saying.

Thingamabob #2: So speaking of encouraging and supporting fellow writers, Adam Heine just landed an agent. Now if you don't know who this guy is, don't worry--- I didn't, either, until I fell in love with Natalie Whipple. But he's been submitting for a couple of years, now, I think, and I just think it's very inspiring, epicanarious, and frickin' awesome to hear that he's finally got someone on his team. So yay for Adam! If you want to read that post of postiness, please click here.

Thingamabob #3: If you haven't decided you're going to see this movie, or this one, or even this one sometime in the near future, decide to do all of the above RIGHT now. Well... not RIGHT now, but, you know, as soon as you can, okay?

And that is all from me. I hope all of my links will edify you in some way or another. Edification is needed across this entire nation. And yes I just added that because it rhymed, and no I will not delete it, thank you very much.

P.S. Sigh... I love OkGo's music videos... Do you guys even listen to the music I post here? I do from my phone because I don't have a great YouTube app. so I cheat by coming on here and playing these songs. Lol!

Commenting on Comments
Prerna: Gosh, I wish we could discuss it without spoilers, but let me just say that I think I said all I needed to in my comment to your post. Although, I have to admit, I really wasn't mad at them for going that route! Shocked, maybe, but not at all phased. I am going to--- agh! Spoilers! But I wish that the thing that was done didn't have to be done because I liked the thing that was happening before it was done and wanted to see more of that even though, now, it's impossible. I should stop ranting now.  

Maya: No worries, Love! I'm just happy you comment at all! I like responding to you guys. :) Thanks for saying you like Aiden's name! I was worried about it, at first. But yeah, it's starting to really grow on me. And I honestly think it's perfect for him the more and more I think about it. The thing about choosing boy names is to not over-think it. What I do is I think about my guy friends and their guy friends and pick out the names I like. And if one clicks, then I use it like it's nobody's business. Because it's not! And because I can. :) Charlie WAS my fave charrie in Alphas, but in the end, I think my favorite was... Allie... Maybe... Toward the end of the series, I found myself finding faults in all of them. But I THINK Allie came out my fave. I THINK... Thanks for the luck! I'll need it. 

Aria (from email): The Boy Book will return probably around Valentines Day. When you can't get a real date... write up your own! Lol! Thanks for your support of The Girl Book, though. That means a lot. And I didn't finish PW Ch. 13 tonight. I know... I'm a failure, like Larry!

Monday, December 12, 2011

WriMo Day 4

In which I type a report from my phone and therefore have no content to share..

I wrote about 300 words today. Not much, but not bad. Because I was able to edit and coment on a few chapters of Alex's baby as well as read Ch. 9 of TLOATH which I'll be commenting on tomorrow. The Girl Book has some pretty stiff competition vieing for my ateention, but no worries, Folk. All will be accomplished in time. I have links to things I wish I could show you. I'll just wait until tomorrow, I suppose. But I hope you still had a wonderful Monday. Who saw Once Upon a Time this week? Ohmagosh, ohmagosh, ohmagosh...


Sunday, December 11, 2011

WriMo Day 3

So the good news: I wrote today!
The bad news: it wasn't for The Boy Book.

I'm not giving up on that project. Really, I'm not. I just... I'm not feeling it. And since it's so early in my WriMo, I figured I should change projects now, before I fell too far behind in this thing.

So I wrote 3,000 words. The project has been called GIP for as long as I can remember. But, because it's fitting in more ways than one, you and I can call it The Girl Book. I promise to give you more details tomorrow if I get some words down on the page. I told you! If I get words down on the paper, you get some exclusive content! Well, here's your content for today. It's a sneak peek of a drawing I did of one of the main characters many moons ago.
I hope that the fact that I attempted to draw these girls is enough to win you over for my abandoning The Boy Book. I just know that I'm not ready yet--- not for something THAT big, at least. I'd need more than a month to do Aiden's story justice. But these girls? Their story has been waiting to be told, and I'm pretty convinced that now is the time to tell it. Thank you all for your love, advice, and support. I will tuck it away and dig it out when I'm ready to start that project again. But for now... The Girl Book awaits!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. And have a wonderful Monday! How are you guys, anyway? I do love to hear good things.

Until tomorrow,
Commenting on Comments
Maya: Third person FEELS like cheating because, you're right--- I want this to feel real. Not that third person eliminates a sense of reality, but it does separate readers from the direct thoughts, emotions, and feelings of the MC. And I know in my heart Aiden needs to tell this story. Not me as a narrator. Him, you know? I'm so glad you loved the excerpt. It's being printed out and put into a folder labeled THE BOY BOOK. I do this to all the ideas that I get. They get their own folders, you know? And they sit in there until they're ready. I'm glad you think I do well with dialogue! I love dialogue so I'll keep this in mind when I go back to it. Thanks, Love!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

WriMo Day 2

Posting from your phone is not fun, but such is the way of a gal whose mom doesn't have wireless capability in her household. I'll make this brief: I didn't write today. But I don't have to start panicking yet... Do I? Should I cheat and make this a third person, or should I stick to my guns? Idk, Loves. Idk.

Commenting on Comments
Prerna: I do have someone who could help... But is it weird to admit that I'm kind of afraid to ask? Why do guys have to be such... guys?!
And Aria, thanks for reading and responding to my excerpt via email. Love ya much, Girly.

Friday, December 9, 2011

WriMo Day 1

So I did it! I started my WriMo today! But what I didn't do was get 1,000 words. Boo!

My day was fairly productive, though.

I moved out of the dorm and into my sister's place.
I packed up a small duffel and printed out my boarding pass.
I ate well. Really well.
And I took the best nap in the history of the world.

Not to mention I started looking up internships and got to email some very important people (gosh... I love email...). And I snuck some writing in! How cool is that?!

Loves, I've got a lot going on. And I'm not really good at this whole male POV thing. And I'm not feeling very confident about how this is going. So for today's yum-yum, I'm just going to let you see what I've got. Click the picture to get a better view and oh my gosh, guys--- if you hate it, tell me now. Although... there's not really much to go off of, so that's probably not fair of me to say. Can you tell I freak out easily? I'm an incurable freaker outer.

By the way! If you didn't get to read the fun facts about my other WIP, PW, please click here to do so, and be sure to check out the excerpt I posted here before I take it down late Sunday night! Love ya'll! Thanks for putting up with me.

My goal for today was: 1,000 words
The recommended NaNo count would be: 1,667
My actual word count: 403 words

Deserae <3
Commenting on Comments
Maya: I'll definitely tell Eva you wished her a happy birthday and thanks for your support! I know I say that all the time, but I really appreciate it. You're awesome. Beyond awesome. And yay! I'm glad you're inspired. Oh, I wish you luck on your writing, too. Keep us posted, okay?! You know I love talking about writing with my homies (aka you guys because you don't laugh when I say that. Teehee!). Ciao, Bella! 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Every Good WIP Needs a Good Moniker

Every good WIP needs a good working title. And I have one! But the only people on the entire world who know it are me, Alex B., and my darling little sister.

I want to give it a good fake name, though. So far, I've just been using the first letters of every word to do the job (ex. Planet Weird= PW).

But Victoria Schwab has some pretty snazzy WIP names. VAGABOND PUPPIES is the fake name for her adult novel. ANGST KITTENS is the moniker of her Near Witch related project. So I want to give this project a random name. And that's why, from now on, whenever I refer to it, you'll hear me call it...

The Boy Book.

Yeah. I'm not very creative when I'm trying to be. When I'm not trying to be, I'm full of yummy names, ideas, and random details. I don't know what my brain wants from me.

In other news, I took my last final tonight. AND it was my friend Eva's birthday today so here's a happy birthday to her! And... oh! I'm going home tomorrow! Yay! Man. Good things are happening. Don't you love when that happens?

Wish me luck on my WriMo! It starts tomorrow!
~Deserae <3

Commenting on Comments
Maya: You're very welcome, Love! I loved your responses. And, thank you. I've never really read too many pure romances but I love the idea of a real one for teens. A real story of falling in love and falling out of it... I am ready to get over my fears of realistic relationships. Buh-ring it awn! And haha! Thank you kindly. you know I can't give up on anything or anyone. I just can't. Defeat is SO not in my vocabulary. Well... it wasn't until now. Lol! Love ya, Chickadee. Thanks for your love and support!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Final Decisions

Tonight, I took the first final of my college experience. And although it was for my Hebrew class and I stumbled through the oral component, I feel... fairly confident. Okay, not confident in the sense that I think I aced that puppy, but confident in the sense that I know I got a C or higher. And trust me--- that's GREAT! It means that there's a chance that I'm getting a B in Hebrew, and even if I don't get that B, I'll get a C for sure.

The relief is... indescribable, believe me. I am doing well in school again. Or, you know... well enough. But grades aren't the only things I'm feeling relieved about. I've finally decided which project I'm going to do for my WriMo.

I know!

It's exciting, right? Say yes. Yes! Although I have so many other projects I want to see finished and projects that I'm equally excited about, this project scares the living daylights out of me, and that's why I've been convinced to do it. I mean...

1. It's my first racy YA. And not racy in the "everybody's doing it!" kind of way, but in the, "we're actually talking relationships," and the "there's going to be Dawson's Creek levels of exploring those relationships," kind of way. Desi is not used to talking about kissing and touching and loving and... other things. But this book is centered around relationships. It's a love story for goodness sakes!

2. Actually, it's not a "love" story. But, as I've said a million times, it's a story about relationships. And it's about a boy who is forced to figure out how to be in a real one. And it's about a boy... who... is not a girl...

3. So yeah, this is my first full lengthed project written in a male's perspective. And, although it wouldn't be cheating to do alternating perspectives, I really think this is HIS story. I've been dying to explore a Pacey Whitter of my own.

There are things that I'm excited for. Things that I'm... not so excited for... But I can't wait to share things with you. Not only will it be good for me, mentally, but it'll be good for you, as my loyal readers, to get a sense of the madness that is me.

T-minus two days and counting. Woot, woot!

Love ya,
Deserae <3
P.S. The song above was chosen for two reasons. 1) Dawson's Creek was an amazing show and I have no idea why they ever got rid of this amazing theme song. So yeah. It's here in tribute to it's amazingness. And 2) I know this is what you were thinking when I told you guys I still hadn't picked a project. But I finally have! So yay! You no longer have to wait. You guys are awesome.

Commenting on Comments
Leah: Glad you like the blog! Thanks so much!
Prerna P: Woohoo! Fellow Psych fan! Tonight's episode was funny. But I'm sad the season's coming to an end!
And a special thanks to Arianna and Maya who completed the questionnaire! Loved your responses, and of course I love you both. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Midnight Post

Three things. Three very important writer-like things.

1. Psych is on. And it's one of my favorite crime shows ever. There's Monk for Tony Shaloub. There's Murder She Wrote for it's obvious criminals but not so obvious how they dunnits. There's CSI and NCIS for their crime scene-y-ness. And then there's Psych. For it's wacky crimes--- wacky criminals--- and wacky cast. I love it all. It's (and don't judge me, here) Monk meets a modern day Get Smart. It's not the most brilliant show you'll ever watch but it's entertaining and in one of the best ways possible.

2. I am editing. I am editing PW and helping with TLOATH and, also, I'm critiquing a book for a friend. I'm Alex Bennett's Beta reader and so it's my job to help him make his NaNo project a sparkling gem of a book. And I have to say, I'm a lucky gal. Between Aria's superheroes and Alex's leprechauns, I am in pretty great hands on the writer-reader level of happiness.

3. I've picked the project I'm going to do for my WriMo. Psych! Ha! I totally fooled you. No, see, the problem is, I HAVEN'T chosen a project and my WriMo starts in three days! I have so many guys. I have SO many ideas. Right now, it's a toss up between a book from a guy's perspective (it's a romance! A contemp. romance!), a retelling of Romeo and Juliet, and a middle grade comedy about a girl trying to get rid of a curse. But there're (and I kid you not) SEVEN other ideas that I'm fighting not to bring to the forefront of my mind. I should just... pick one. I know! But I'm agh! I'm going crazy here.

But if a writer doesn't know insanity, how does he ever hope to make the world more sane?

Take care, Loves. And I'll talk to you tomorrow.


You've Been Tagged!

I just got tagged by the wonderful Sonal to complete this questionnaire. So I'm going to, and then I'm going to tag three people, and then tomorrow (or later on tonight), I'll post a more writer-like post because... I like those. Hehe!

1) Do you like to read?
Mm-hmm! I love reading. Writers read, right? Right! So I'm an avid reader. I plan to read at least 10 books during my month off. 

2) Who are your favourite authors?
Lisi Harrison, Louise Rennison, Lemony Snicket, Trenton Lee Stewart, C.S. Lewis, Victoria Schwab, and way too many more to include here. 

3) What phone do you have/do you like it?
An Android something something... I, uh, don't know much about phones. I do know that it works though and that I can call people... so that's cool...

4) Favourite store?
Store, store or bookstore? I'll answer both. Fave store is Target and fave bookstore is Vromans.
5) Nickelodeon or Disney Channel?
Disney Channel. I'm always going to be a Disney girl and I have faith that Disney'll get better.

6) Pinkberry or Yoomoo?
I've never been to Yoomoo (nor have I ever heard of it!) so I'm going to go with Pinkberry. But have you ever had Wildberry? YUM!!!

7) Harry Potter or Twilight?
Blink, blink... AVADA KEDAVRA!
8) Cookies or cupcakes?
Depends on the cookie.

9) Do you have any allergies?
No, Ma'am. 

10) Do you believe in ghosts?
I believe in everything.

11) What are you wearing right now?
What are you wearing right now?!

12) What was the last song you heard?
"Kiss Me Slowly" -Parachute and Lady Antebellum. LOVE that song! 

13) If you were an animal what would you be?
Okay... are you saying I'm an animal? What kind of a questionnaire is this?! 

14) Have you ever been hang gliding/paragliding?
NO! I'm a big scaredy cat. But now that you mention it... Gosh, that sounds fun. Is Desi allowed to have fun? Fun does not compute @.@.

15) Favourite board game?
The bored game. Okay, that's... that's cheating. Life. I like Life. 

16) Favourite video game?
I am physically incapable of playing video games. I have absolutely no hand-eye coordination. 

17) Have you ever been on a plane?
Yep and I'll be on one a little later this week.
18) Do you like sports?
Do you even have to ask?

19) If you had £1000,000 what would you spend it on?
Well, first I'd have to move to Europe so I could spend it at all. And THEN I'd take care of my family and save whatever's left to support me while I write books and wait for them to get sold.

20) Favourite flower?
Is it weird to say I don't have one? I like lillies and orchids and cherry blossoms and roses, but only in pictures. I wouldn't like taking care of them. SO not my thing.

21) Favourite fruit?

22) Can you ride a bike?
Hehe! I should probably just clear this up: DESI DOES NOT PARTICIPATE IN OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES. 

23) Do you believe in aliens?
I believe in everything.

24) Favourite kind of cake? (e.g. coffee, cheesecake, etc)
New York style cheesecake. Please and thank you. 

25) Have you ever been bungee jumping?
O.O Next question.

26) Have you ever completed a Where’s Wally book?

27) Disneyland or Universal Studios?
Disneyland. I love Disney. 

28) Pirates or ninjas?
But they're both so awesome!!! 

29) Sweet or salty popcorn?
Sweet. Me loves kettle corn.

30) If you could visit any fictional place where would it be?
I write about so many places I'd love to see. So one or all of those. Oh, and Narnia. Let's go; RIGHT now.

And that's it for me! I tag Arianna, Bareha, and Maya. I'll talk to you guys later about the wonderful world of writing! And before I go I'd like to thank you all for your kind words. Believe me. That rejection was the first of many. But I'm determined not to give up on PW. That rejection was perfect in the sense that it was purely about taste. Not a reflection of my work or the story... but it was about the agent and how he wasn't feeling it. That doesn't mean someone else will feel the complete opposite. So Maya, Sonal, and Aria--- I'm holding on. :) 

Love you girls! 

Talk to you soon,

The Midnight Blog

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I had very good reasons.

One of my flatmates needed a computer and since writing can be done (and is best done) without the distractions of the internet, I was more than happy to lend her my laptop for the day. She'll need it again so maybe there will be another late night post or an early morning brouhaha, but I wanted to post to prove how dedicated I am to this blogging every day thing, and this project I'm about to do, and this project I am SO close to finishing.

That being said, PW got it's first official rejection today. And it was so lovely, I wish I could share it with you. But for now, I want to keep it close to my heart. To remind me that agents, at their core, are human beings. That no matter how many form rejections are sent, there are sometimes the ones that are personalized, to prove  those aren't the only ones out there. And to remind me to keep pushing, because one day, an agent just like the one who sent that rejection letter, is going to send me a kindly worded response that has a "yes" attached. So I'm keeping it to myself for now, but I wanted you guys to know how amazing I thought it was.

Good night you guys! I mean... good morning.

P.S. This is Due's song of the day. Enjoy! Oh and Sonal... Thank you kindly. :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Treaties For You

Because I got awesome feedback from Aria and Maya on my query, I wanted to post a treat for you guys. I've been working really hard on making PW the best it can be and so I've been working with people, getting feedback, and revising like crazy. So here are some fun facts about PW and, also, a short excerpt from the first chapter.

Fact #1: I got the idea to write this story from a friend of mine named Sahara Blank. The great thing about Sahara is that she is ALWAYS fun to talk to and she's always been a hilarious gal to be around. But one day, as we were waiting for a bus, she was telling me about her day and that she got to meet a vampire. I asked her if she was serious and she told me she was. She recounted, in full, the conversation she had with Omar and I couldn't help but chime in. "Omar, the Vampire?" I asked disbelievingly. "Oh, yeah," she assured me, and we must've laughed SO hard... She told him, "Well I'm a werewolf!" and he got a little defensive. But she continued on with her joke saying, "Yeah 'cause sometimes I don't shave in the morning and I get SUPER hairy..."

He didn't think it was funny.

But on the bus ride home, I couldn't stop thinking about how serious he was about being this vampire person. I was really impressed and a little terrified and I couldn't help but thinking how weird their entire conversation was... And thus, PLANET WEIRD was born. Titles and characters tend to come first and then the rest comes in later.

Fact #2: I never wanted Omar to be the star, though. I wanted to expose him for the phony he had to be. So I kept thinking of ways to have an interesting premise, but keep his character in there. The line, "The kids are weird, too," came to me immediately and then I realized "Oh snap! This is a book about aliens on Earth!" So I had to find a hero, but she ended up being a heroine when a girl named Drew walked into my Journalism class. I couldn't believe how perfect the name was. Drew. That was my heroine! I started writing almost immediately.

Fact #3: The first line has always been, "Planet Jr. High is weird; there're no ifs, ands, or buts about it."

Fact #4: The word "weird" is in the first line of every chapter. And a message is currently hidden in my book for my readers, but I won't go into detail about that just in case things change. The message, though, hints to the characters involved in the next installment. I'm more excited about the second book than this one sometimes.

Fact #5: The plot of this story was figured out shortly after I plotted the second story. The title to this story was figured out immediately, but the second book is still unnamed. This is one of the easiest books I've ever written because I enjoy the world so much, but it was one of the hardest to get right plot-wise. But I'm grateful for it because now I know how to do three things: show when needed, tell when needed, and create plots that focus both internally AND externally.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for! Click here to see a short scene from PW Ch. 1: Earthbound.

And that's it for me today! Although PW is NOT the story I'll be writing for my WriMo, I'm going to continue to work on it and I hope to be done with it soon.

Oh, and one more treat for you guys! The song below is one that I listened to a lot while writing and editing PW. If you read the query, you'll probably understand the connection.

Love you guys!

Deserae <3