Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Final Decisions

Tonight, I took the first final of my college experience. And although it was for my Hebrew class and I stumbled through the oral component, I feel... fairly confident. Okay, not confident in the sense that I think I aced that puppy, but confident in the sense that I know I got a C or higher. And trust me--- that's GREAT! It means that there's a chance that I'm getting a B in Hebrew, and even if I don't get that B, I'll get a C for sure.

The relief is... indescribable, believe me. I am doing well in school again. Or, you know... well enough. But grades aren't the only things I'm feeling relieved about. I've finally decided which project I'm going to do for my WriMo.

I know!

It's exciting, right? Say yes. Yes! Although I have so many other projects I want to see finished and projects that I'm equally excited about, this project scares the living daylights out of me, and that's why I've been convinced to do it. I mean...

1. It's my first racy YA. And not racy in the "everybody's doing it!" kind of way, but in the, "we're actually talking relationships," and the "there's going to be Dawson's Creek levels of exploring those relationships," kind of way. Desi is not used to talking about kissing and touching and loving and... other things. But this book is centered around relationships. It's a love story for goodness sakes!

2. Actually, it's not a "love" story. But, as I've said a million times, it's a story about relationships. And it's about a boy who is forced to figure out how to be in a real one. And it's about a boy... who... is not a girl...

3. So yeah, this is my first full lengthed project written in a male's perspective. And, although it wouldn't be cheating to do alternating perspectives, I really think this is HIS story. I've been dying to explore a Pacey Whitter of my own.

There are things that I'm excited for. Things that I'm... not so excited for... But I can't wait to share things with you. Not only will it be good for me, mentally, but it'll be good for you, as my loyal readers, to get a sense of the madness that is me.

T-minus two days and counting. Woot, woot!

Love ya,
Deserae <3
P.S. The song above was chosen for two reasons. 1) Dawson's Creek was an amazing show and I have no idea why they ever got rid of this amazing theme song. So yeah. It's here in tribute to it's amazingness. And 2) I know this is what you were thinking when I told you guys I still hadn't picked a project. But I finally have! So yay! You no longer have to wait. You guys are awesome.

Commenting on Comments
Leah: Glad you like the blog! Thanks so much!
Prerna P: Woohoo! Fellow Psych fan! Tonight's episode was funny. But I'm sad the season's coming to an end!
And a special thanks to Arianna and Maya who completed the questionnaire! Loved your responses, and of course I love you both. 

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  1. Aw, thanks for tagging me in the questionairre, I ah-dored it!

    EHMAGAWD!!! You're writing a romance novel? I HEART romances ( except the... you-know-what parts) It sounds realistic and relateable, something that could actually happen in real life, unlike the whole totally paradoxed romances, or the 'one-time fling' ones that are so popular nowadays. I love genuine romances, there aren't enough of 'em. Good luck with the project! If you pull this off, you MUST send it to an agent.

    Yay!!! I'm sure you aced the final. I know Hebrew was tough for you, but instead of simply giving up, you conquered it, in typical 'Never give up' Des style ;)
    xox, lots of love, Maya