Saturday, December 10, 2011

WriMo Day 2

Posting from your phone is not fun, but such is the way of a gal whose mom doesn't have wireless capability in her household. I'll make this brief: I didn't write today. But I don't have to start panicking yet... Do I? Should I cheat and make this a third person, or should I stick to my guns? Idk, Loves. Idk.

Commenting on Comments
Prerna: I do have someone who could help... But is it weird to admit that I'm kind of afraid to ask? Why do guys have to be such... guys?!
And Aria, thanks for reading and responding to my excerpt via email. Love ya much, Girly.

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  1. Third person's not cheating, Lol. If you want to keep it real though, remain with first person. Or you could maybe try alternating P.O.V's in chapters? And if you're really, reeeally stuck, then add in some more conflict. I'm sure you'll write well though, whether it's 100 words, or 2000. I loved that extract you posted in the previous post! I've noticed you're really good with dialogue so when all is lost just sprinkle in some conversation. It'll liven things up XD
    KeEp sMiLiNg! xox, lots of love, Maya