Thursday, December 15, 2011

WriMo Day 7

Not much to report today because I've been reading more than I've been writing. BUT because I did write a gripload of comments for this project I'm Beta reading, I am going to count those hundred or so comments with about ten or so words each as my writing for the day. So that means I owe you guys a treat. And yes, I realize that I'm just being a big 'ole cheat right now. Don't worry! I'll make it up to you and the girls tomorrow. I won't go to sleep until I've written 2,500 words. And that's pretty cool because I ended up writing just about that much LAST night because after I wrote that blog post, I wanted to finish up the scene I was working on.

So without further ado, let's finish up Lynette's week with some of her favorite music. Do not be alarmed! She's only as weird as I make her!

1. OkGo's "End Love." 
This is actually why I featured the song a few days. When I stumbled upon it again, I was writing a Lynette scene and I imagined her listening to it in that scene. And it's probably the grooviest song ever! Lynette likes to groove. She's an oldie in that way.

2. Maria Mena "Nevermind Me." 
She's a really shy girl, Lynette is. And no matter how hard she tries to overcome it, there's this little voice in her head that's always telling her she's small. Thankfully, she meets some people who offer ways of fighting that inner demon. But sometimes, that doesn't work, and she listens to all of the sad, self-pitying music she can find. Maria Mena is both her ego booster and pity-party leader.

3. Beethoven's "Moonlight." 

To be honest, though, Lynette hardly has time for drama. The closest she comes to confrontation is when she's playing her cello and getting lost in the music. Since she's a classical musician, she spends MOST of her free time listening to and learning classical music. This is her favorite classical composition.

4. Yurima "River Flows in You."
But she's not all about the classics. She likes to listen to newer composers, as well. This is her favorite modern composition and the song that she feels is the most "romantic love song" of all times. Too bad she doesn't have time for love. Did you see her schedule?!

5. Claude Debussy "Claire de Lune." 
And this song has sentimental values for her. Not only was it the first song she learned to play all the way through (on the piano. First a pianist! Now a cellist), but it was also the first song she ever performed for an audience and it was the song that her father used to play on repeat to lull her to sleep when she was younger. Plus, it's a gorgeous composition. I adore it, too (*looks away* *scratches head*). 

And that's all (the music you need) from me today! Guess what guys?! Tomorrow's Friday!

Deserae <3
P.S. I've found myself in a predicament. I accidentally spelled "Lynette" as "Lynnette" in one instance and I can't tell which spelling I like more! Which do you prefer? The single or the double "n." Right now... I think I... agh!

Commenting on Comments
Maya: My mom is... a mom. Haha! But gosh! I used to be the same way. That's why The Girl Book got put into a folder. When I picked it up a few days ago, I realized I had left off on a good part. Like what in the world did I do that for?! Makes no stinking sense... And oh my gosh, you're a brave woman. If I had her schedule, I would die, come back from the grave to complain, and then die again to get out of doing the work. Haha! But BMA has a wide variety of classes. You know what would be fun? Letting you guys pick classes you'd like and then writing you in as "extras." Lol! That'd be so cool. I love slipping people I know into my stories as side characters. Don't be surprised if that accidentally happens. I mean, who KNOWS what these fingers are capable of?! And Hart was starting to grow on me. I've always loved the name "Joshua" though. And "Jackson." Boy, do I love "Jackson." For a girl, though. There are too many Jackson's hanging around nowadays in YA (or am I imagining that?! Maybe it was some other name I was fond of like William or James... Hmm... I should actually look that up now. I'm becoming paranoid...)
Aria (from email): Does it show, though? Like really? I DO love The Girl Book right now, but is it SHOWING?! That's intense! :) Thanks, Love for your support. I know I owe you some PW, but I've been... occupied... Hehe!


  1. 2500 words?!? You go girl! Keep up with the writing.

  2. Loved the Claire de Lune and Beethovan! And I agree with Perna, 2500 is a wonderful accomplishment! CoNgRaTs!!! :D
    I couldn't stop smiling after reading your comment. Then blushing, then smiling some more, and looking like The Joker ;) Thank you SO much for the feedback as well, you're the best!! <3
    Haha, I'm thinking we should start a compiled book called "Stories We Were Just Too Lazy To Finish". I reckon It'd be thick enough to reach novel-porportions! :D
    OMG, I HEART THE NAME AUSTIN!!! And I'm not just saying that too be nice!! Austin Daniels ... Daniels, Austin, I LOVE IT!! Austin it is! If I ever get this novel published I'm going to add you in the Dedication "For Deserae, who found Austin" or something that sounds writer-ish.
    Yikes I agree both spellings sound cool, Lynnette sounds more girly and Lynette sounds well, like Lynette. I think I prefer both N's and T's but it's up to you. We wouldn't want N feeling jealous that T showed up twice would we? ;)
    xox, lots of love, Maya