Sunday, December 11, 2011

WriMo Day 3

So the good news: I wrote today!
The bad news: it wasn't for The Boy Book.

I'm not giving up on that project. Really, I'm not. I just... I'm not feeling it. And since it's so early in my WriMo, I figured I should change projects now, before I fell too far behind in this thing.

So I wrote 3,000 words. The project has been called GIP for as long as I can remember. But, because it's fitting in more ways than one, you and I can call it The Girl Book. I promise to give you more details tomorrow if I get some words down on the page. I told you! If I get words down on the paper, you get some exclusive content! Well, here's your content for today. It's a sneak peek of a drawing I did of one of the main characters many moons ago.
I hope that the fact that I attempted to draw these girls is enough to win you over for my abandoning The Boy Book. I just know that I'm not ready yet--- not for something THAT big, at least. I'd need more than a month to do Aiden's story justice. But these girls? Their story has been waiting to be told, and I'm pretty convinced that now is the time to tell it. Thank you all for your love, advice, and support. I will tuck it away and dig it out when I'm ready to start that project again. But for now... The Girl Book awaits!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. And have a wonderful Monday! How are you guys, anyway? I do love to hear good things.

Until tomorrow,
Commenting on Comments
Maya: Third person FEELS like cheating because, you're right--- I want this to feel real. Not that third person eliminates a sense of reality, but it does separate readers from the direct thoughts, emotions, and feelings of the MC. And I know in my heart Aiden needs to tell this story. Not me as a narrator. Him, you know? I'm so glad you loved the excerpt. It's being printed out and put into a folder labeled THE BOY BOOK. I do this to all the ideas that I get. They get their own folders, you know? And they sit in there until they're ready. I'm glad you think I do well with dialogue! I love dialogue so I'll keep this in mind when I go back to it. Thanks, Love!

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  1. OMG Aiden is such an awesome name!! I have a lot of trouble coming up with guy-names, so seeing a unique one like that is refreshing.
    Tee-hee. I'm ashamed to say that I cheat quite a lot. Most of my stories are in third-person, and the rest are one-ers ;)
    The Girl Book ... Ooh sounds intriguing! I heart books that rotate perspectives. That way I understand all the main characters better ( Like in Alpha Academy!)
    KeEp sMiliNg!!
    xox, lots of love, Maya
    P.S Charlie is my fave character in AA. I also heart Skye and Allie. Who're your faves?