Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WriMo Day 20

So I forgot to blog yesterday. Ohmagosh, no way!

Yes way. I was a total blogging failure.

But thankfully, you guys are awesome. Arianna totally reminded me, none of you tried to kill me, the earth didn't explode into a million pieces, and life, as we know it, continued on.

So I thought I'd fill you guys in on some stuff. I wrote a little over 500 words yesterday and I'm pretty sure I'm going to hit 1,000 today if we hit the road as soon as my mom gets home. You see, today is going to be my last day in SoCal. Because mysisterwentintofreakinglabor! and now we're trying to get ready to run up there before Mini Z makes an official appearance.

It's exciting! It's miraculous! And it would be ten times cooler if my mom appeared soon so we could leave before it gets dark! But if she doesn't, then we'll be taking off in the morning. And Millie Cat will be able to have one more night en la casa.

But yeah, what I find funny is that all these changes are happening kind of quickly. One minute, I'm graduating high school, the next, my sister reveals that she's been prego for a couple months... The second after that I'm in college and soon after, my other sister reveals she's Mrs. Chris So-and-so. Things are happening fast. And I've got to run, but know that I'm very thrilled to see where 2012 takes us all.


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  1. OMG hope everything goes okay with your sister! Hopefully both her and Mini-Z will be fine =)
    xox, Maya