Tuesday, December 20, 2011

WriMo Day 12

There are only five more days until Christmas. When the heck did that happen?!

Tonight was a pretty successful writing night. Not as successful as I wanted, but I plowed through it and the result was 1,350 words toward The Girl Book and me getting out of a Lynette scene that, for some freaking reason was killing me to write. But I owe you guys something big (or biggish) and so here is a scene from Faye's perspective. As usual, the scene will only be up for a limited time, so if you read it, be sure to tell me what you think! It's kind of hard to give you guys a Faye scene that's not very spoiler-y, so forgive the lack of exploding cars in the background--- I do try to keep the casualties in my contemporaries to a minimum (aka zero!).

Thanks for sticking with me this long guys! This WriMo thing is beating me up. And oh my goodness gracious, do I need the company.

With all my love!

P.S. Charlie really is so cool like. Just thought you ought to know...

Commenting on Comments
Prerna: Thanks, Love! And yes, I like doing character profiles, too, but that's usually when I know I haven't quite figured out the plot yet... I obsess over characters until they drive me up a wall and I have to just begin. 

Maya: Glad you like Faye :), it's cool that you can jump right in (I tend to but end up pulling out and having to start again and again), and thanks for your Lynette support. We'll just stick with the one 'n.' Over thinking this spelling thing could result in disaster. I LOVE that song by Linkin Park! And just for the record, I say "eye"ther. Lol! 

Aria (from email): I finally surpassed 20K today! I am sort of on track for my WriMo. And you know how pleased I am that you like my sassy Sarah (I meant, Faye! Honest!). 

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  1. What's this about having to do Character profiles?! You're a NATURAL at this character development stuff! Just from the short excerpt ( Which by the way I loved, and I think I'm replacing Faye as my Favorite! I like Lynette, but I LOVE characters with confidence!) the personality of Faye and Chris shone through the narration. With the previous knowledge that she was supposed to be "sassy, and confident" it would have been easy for you to TELL us that through narration-- an easy trap that people like me fall for when writing in third person. But instead you showed us, through gestures, words, implications and thoughts. Can I just say that although there wasn't much action in this scene, you deserve a very strong Well Done? =)
    Gosh I love these short excerpts!
    Lol, I say both "ee"ther and "eye"ther, but more often the former than the latter ;)
    xox, Maya