Saturday, December 17, 2011

WriMo Day 9

Hi, Guys.

So today was an overall fail on the writing spectrum. I was too busy doing things offline (shocker! I know!) with my dear friend Eva who had a birthday last week. Today, we finally got to celebrate. And you know what?

I had fun.

So instead of beating myself up about it, we're just going to have to wait and see what tomorrow produces. We're taking the neighborhood cat to get cleaned tomorrow (we love her--- it's a shame her actual owner lives down the street, but quite fortunate that she lets us take Millie around as if she's our own) so I'll be up fairly early. So hopefully I get some stuff done, yo. And while I'm doing WORK, you guys should go out and view the following:

Ciao, Darlings,
Commenting on Comments
Prerna: Thanks, Love! Seriously, I just have these sudden spurs of energy. The way I'm writing this book, though, helps, I can't deny it. When you change the way you're used to doing things, you're challenged to do them better. Don't ask me why that works; it just does. 

Maya: Oh, I'm glad Lynnette (see! Double "n's!" I think we'll do it, Girly. Thanks for responding to that plea) has influenced you in the way of classical music. Definitely give it a try! It stimulates brain cells and can't distract you while doing homework--- there're no words! Lol! And I just speak the truth when I comment. I'm glad you received it well. :) There were only minor things I saw, but, yeah, Girly; you blew me away! Keep it up. I don't know where this is going or if it'll continue, but I definitely can say the writing, itself, was good. And seriously?! I am SO down for contributing to that! Let me just open the drawer here, and ah! There they are! ALL of my unfinished projects waiting to be compiled into one MARVELOUS collection. :) And yay! Glad you like Austin! I think it'll work, yes? We'll make it work. 

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  1. Haha, glad you had fun! You deserved a break from all the writing ;)
    Have a great time with the kitty-- and I'm gonna try and get some quality time with the Sherlockster XD
    xox, Maya
    P.S Glad you chose Lynnette! :))