Wednesday, December 21, 2011

WriMo Day 13

Don't ask me why, but I'm exhausted. It's only 8:00 here in Cali and I'm... SLEEPY!!!

All my late nights... junk food eating... All of those days I went without going out of the house for some fresh air are finally catching up with me. Today I rode around with my mom a little. I wrote a little bit of outline so I know how the rest of "Friday, September 12th" plays out. I hugged my Millie Cat and she blinked at me. But I still feel...


If you haven't already, do visit the Treaties for You page to read an excerpt from Faye's perspective. If you have, thank you kindly. Your feedback made me smile. If you must know the truth, there will probably be no words flowing from my fingertips tonight. And if you don't need the truth, I love you muchly, and I'll lie to comfort you by saying that there's always a possibility I shall end up writing something.

I wonder if these blog words count. Now I'm just fishing for excuses to give you guys content.

Wait a minute! I just typed a seven word sentence. And as you know, if I write ANYTHING, you get some content. So because my writing day was lame, the content you'll get will be small. Here's the chorus of a song Faye and her best friend, Ian, wrote together over the summer before The Girl Book begins. I willn't sing it to you. At least, not tonight. Haha!

Daydream believer won't you sing our song?
I'm so convinced that it could last forever.
Dance me away to days that we'll spend together
On the stage that we've claimed is ours.
Sing me our song.

And speaking of original songs... More Lewis anyone? I'm sorry. My sister has got me hooked.

Ciao for now,
P.S. Check out the latest Daily Dose to find out how buying a song can help raise money for charity! The sales only count between now and Christmas Day so ask your parents for permission to buy it if you like the song and also, spread the word!

Commenting on Comments
Maya: You're the bestest, you know that?! Thank you so much for saying that. It's funny because character DOES come easier to me than plot. But I don't know! I have another MC in The Girl Book who took a long time to figure out. And originally, she was supposed to be the main MC. Lol! I'm glad you like the excerpts. I'll definitely post one next week as well so that you can meet MC number three. And the only time I say "ee"ther is when I say, "either or; neither nor." Haha! Are you attending the blah-g girl movie night. I hope so!


  1. Aw, shucks, thank you! =D
    I'm the same; When I start writing, I have a vague plot in mind, but what comes easily are the characters. The only difficulty I have sometimes, is expressing a certain characters voice. Like, if he/she is supposed to be violent, I'll find it difficult to write in the narration I'd originally decided for the story. Some people are easier to express in first person, others in third ( I never go near second ;) I'm a wimp that way.) Lol, I'm not making much sense am I?
    The song is ah-mazing!! Even though I'm probably being a tad biased because I saw the word 'daydream', but still it sounds like something I could see myself listening to. The imagery! The voice! And the last line is Pur-fect ;)
    I'd love to attend!! I'm submitting my RSVP now XD Although I'm warning you, when it comes to movies, I have nearly extinct favorites. Basically anything before 2009 ( aside from HP) anything Hilary Duff ( I LOVE her movies) and Disney is all I watch ;) The rest, only upon reccomendation, or if it sounds interesting. Movies back then were so good; now it's all about making us kids grow up too fast (Yes, I cling on to the word kid like a lifeboat. It pains me to know I'll have to be referred to as an Adult in three years.)
    xox, love, Maya

  2. PS: Sorry for the insanely long comment, but I have to add this:
    I looked through the Daily Dose of today and I feel so inspired. I mean, WOW, you post amazing meaningful quotes and songs, all the time... just going on is enough to make me feel better =) Todays DD was SO SPOT ON!! Wasn't I just talking about not wanting to grow up? It was perfect! (Before I continue getting out of topic I'm going to stop myself ;) )