Friday, December 9, 2011

WriMo Day 1

So I did it! I started my WriMo today! But what I didn't do was get 1,000 words. Boo!

My day was fairly productive, though.

I moved out of the dorm and into my sister's place.
I packed up a small duffel and printed out my boarding pass.
I ate well. Really well.
And I took the best nap in the history of the world.

Not to mention I started looking up internships and got to email some very important people (gosh... I love email...). And I snuck some writing in! How cool is that?!

Loves, I've got a lot going on. And I'm not really good at this whole male POV thing. And I'm not feeling very confident about how this is going. So for today's yum-yum, I'm just going to let you see what I've got. Click the picture to get a better view and oh my gosh, guys--- if you hate it, tell me now. Although... there's not really much to go off of, so that's probably not fair of me to say. Can you tell I freak out easily? I'm an incurable freaker outer.

By the way! If you didn't get to read the fun facts about my other WIP, PW, please click here to do so, and be sure to check out the excerpt I posted here before I take it down late Sunday night! Love ya'll! Thanks for putting up with me.

My goal for today was: 1,000 words
The recommended NaNo count would be: 1,667
My actual word count: 403 words

Deserae <3
Commenting on Comments
Maya: I'll definitely tell Eva you wished her a happy birthday and thanks for your support! I know I say that all the time, but I really appreciate it. You're awesome. Beyond awesome. And yay! I'm glad you're inspired. Oh, I wish you luck on your writing, too. Keep us posted, okay?! You know I love talking about writing with my homies (aka you guys because you don't laugh when I say that. Teehee!). Ciao, Bella! 

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  1. male POVs are really hard. I just did one in my manuscript and it took a lot of editing to get it right. Do you have any brothers or guy friends that can help? My husband was very helpful in letting me know when my character was acting like a girl.