Thursday, December 1, 2011

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Although that would be a LAME title for a book (no offense to anyone if this, indeed, is the title of a book! Oh my... maybe I should Google it?... I'm scared now. To delete this sentence or not to delete this sentence... Agh! Let's pretend that all of what was said before this parenthetical break was meant to be read HYPOTHETICALLY), I've come to learn that actions really DO speak louder than words.

It's weird because, of course, I've believed this all of my life. But I've been horrible at putting things into practice. I'm admittedly lazy, a horrible procrastinator, and I smell funny. Just kidding. Or am I? See?! I'm a freaking liar, too!

But anyway, the reason we're talking about action is because (what was it... a week ago?) I met this guy who was participating in this year's NaNo and blogged EVERY DAY to report his progress. Mind you, I've been following Alex for a while, now, on Twitter. But NaNo brought us together because he was thinking about giving up, and ya'll know me--- I couldn't (really, COULDN'T) let him do that.

Okay. So I'm using a lot of capital letters and parenthetical asides for no apparent reason. But this is how I get when I'm anxious. And I'm anxious because I've promised you guys (and myself!) that I was going to do my own WriMo this December.

Observe comment number one from the last post!

♥Abby said...
I was so sad since I missed 11:11!! But you're right, we've still got one more year. Hopefully I won't miss that one too!
Again, good luck on your WriMo! :) you've made me crave ice-cream.
& I'll be sure to check those blogs out. Have a great weekend! =)


And now observe comment number two from the last post!
Maya said...
Haha, I know right? I agree, last years 10/10/10 went by completly unnoticed, I was quite annoyed when, my class hardly noticed 10/10/10 and this year, everyone suddenly cared. It's just like how hardly anyone knew Steve Job's name, and when he died, the whole world decides to even start quoting him ^-^ People don't appreciate things until they're gone.
Good luck with Hebrew and Greek!! Congrats, you are a Multi-lingual now ( Like me! :). Better than just plain old Bilingual, eh ;)
xox, Maya

Okay, so the second post had nothing to do with the fact that I'm being held responsible for this thing, but! to Abby I just wanted to say OKAY! I will DO this! And to Maya, how right you are! "Don't it always seem to go/ that you don't know what you got 'til it's gone?" I'll post that song at the end, Love. Para ti. ;)

And for ALL of you, I am going to do my WriMo AS PROMISED. I'm going to start on December 9th and go all the way through January 7th. That's 30 DAYS to finish some work of genius. And I'll be blogging every day so that you guys can give me advice, support, encouragement, etc. to help me get this done. I'm not sure which project I'm going to do--- I have 8 or 10 projects kicking at the backdoor of my brain and all of them smell delicious, but I'm a coward and I don't want to choose! So although I don't promise to be anywhere near coherent in the next five weeks (today's post being a perfect example), I DO promise to be writing, thinking, and keeping in touch. You should do the same. Keep in touch, I mean. 

Lalalalalove ya!
P.S. I think I've used this song before. Oh well! Also, you can read all about Alex's WriMo Miracle here and in the posts that precede it. I'm so proud of him for finishing and the picture that accompanies the post is really too cute (and inspirational) for words. 


  1. Awesome!! You can do this :)
    Have a great weekend!


  2. Yay! You haven't been sucked into the void of College-work! I was beginning to wonder if you were safe . . . ;)
    Aw, your determination to help Alex is so sweet. And you're right- you NEVER let people give up, or give up yourself. Alex ( and the rest of us!) are lucky to have a friend like you.
    As for your WriMo, I look forward to it!! And the many blogposts too :D Is there a chance you could possibly post your WriMo on your blog? If not I understand. Because real authors like you probably don't want their projects on the INTERNET of all places for fear of plagarizing eyes. But if you do, I'll be super-psyched to give you commentary =)
    Have an ahhhh-mazing December!! And I hope college doesn't steal you from the Net in the meanwhile ;)
    xxx,love Maya
    P.S Thank you a mill for the advice you wrote on my blog. You're the best!!♥ ( And you're right- a teeny selfish part of me did feel gratified to know someone liked me. Even if it was someone I didn't necessarily like myself.)