Sunday, September 11, 2011

For Skye

I just got home from hanging out with my dad and guess what? I FOUND MY FLASHDRIVE!!! So I was able to upload a video of me singing (agh!) but unfortunately, the song isn't Don't Want This (boo!). The ironic thing, though, is that this song is about a girl whose boyfriend cheated on her, so my heart goes out to all of you girls who've been cheated on and, if you can put up with my terrible voice, I hope you enjoy it. Video makes me sound like a mouse. I really don't sound like this in person. But yeah, here we go. And, Skye, this is for you. I hope you feel better, Love, and I hope you're able to forgive him one day.

Hope you're having a great Sunday, all. I'll see you tomorrow with another Monday Mayhem post.

"Keep Holding On,"
Deserae McG

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