Monday, August 29, 2011

New Features On the Blog

I'm trying to make a conscious effort to keep my fingers on the keys. Therefore, I give you the following blog features I intend to do every Xday from here until the end of September:

Monday Mayhem
Probably sounds more exciting than it is, but I'm going to make it my intent to blog every Monday about something that's been on my mind for the week. For example, this week if I were doing a Monday Mayhem blog (which, I'm not because *whew!* I'm doing THIS blog. Hehe!), I might talk about the fact that headaches have been on my mind since I've had a different one for the past three days or so. Luckily, starting next week these things are going to be of a more philisophical nature, and if you want to participate, just let me know in the comments and I will link to your blog somewhere in my post. Who knows? Maybe your mayhem will inspire something from me!

Quick-Write Wednesdays
Originally called One-Liner Wednesdays. But I thought it over and I figured, any prompt is a good prompt. A few girls from Lisi's blah-g and I are starting this meme where we provide a prompt for each other on Wednesday and have to complete a short piece from it by the end of the day. We can write whatever we want: poetry, a short script, a short story, the first chapter of something we hope will be longer--- WHATEVER. But if it's kind of long, we post the complete piece to Figment and put an excerpt plus a link to the complete project up on our blogs, PLUS linkage to the other participants' blogs so you can check out all the goodies that our Wednesdays have produced.

You can't suggest a prompt this Wednesday, but check out our Wednesday Writes this week so you can make a suggestion for next weeks' prompt. And, again, if you'd like to participate, please let me know in the comments, so I can add you to the ever-growing list of our meme supporters. :]

Screenshot Saturdays
Which is a lot like Teaser Tuesdays. Snap a quick photo of your current WIP and then find a photo (or snap another) of something that's inspiring you to write, something that reminds you of the scene you're working with, or of something that's keeping you sane while you're busting out your projects! This post requires no words--- a HUGE reason why I'm going for it--- but feel free to let us know how awesome (or not so awesome) you're feeling at the moment you snap the photo. I am a fan of commentary. :] As I've stated before, I will link to anyone else participating so let me know in the comments...

And that's it! Three days of blogging. People, we can do this. :)

With all my love,

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