Thursday, June 30, 2011


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One of my sister's friends turned seventeen today, and we were one of the few people who celebrated with her. It got me thinking. About the people I call my friends and the things I value most... And I wondered if two people called me on my birthday, could be as cool with it as she was. If I'm spoiled because, when I turn eighteen, I want everybody and their mama's dialing me up to wish me a happy 1-8.

I realized that I'm not rude or vain or silly or selfish for wanting to be remembered. I'm just... me.

See, I've been this way since I was little. I hung out with my teachers before my peers. To this day, even my first grade teacher remembers me by name. I liked to leave pieces of me behind at my schools. Before I graduated, I stuck a letter under a desk in my Creative Writing class, and am waiting for some curious sould to find it and reply back to me. I think I have a severe case of Memoritis--- a regenerative disease that makes you stronger by keeping you in the lives of others longer.

I want to be remembered. I can't help it. I think that was why I was always fascinated with books. They'd sit on my shelf but every time I opened them, I was plunged back into that world that, if created correctly, stays fresh and preserved, waiting for me to come back to it. Today, I'm writing my own story. It starts with me, now, and, hopefully, will never end.

Adios, Peeps,
Deserae McGlothen


  1. Hmm. Interesting. I think I'm the opposite -- I want to be forgotten once I leave a certain situation (except by select people. Friends, of course. Favourite teachers, of course. Family, of course). But in general, I feel like time makes places and people from the past distant to me, strange and alien (but also nostalgic and beautiful). And I sort of find it weirdly intimate for people who I don't remember to remember me?

    But I can totally see your POV on this. Also, I like the letter leaving. The person who found it would have been happy. I've discovered things like that before, and it's always awesome :D

  2. There are times, I admit, when I'd rather be forgotten, but I also think that a life well lived is a life remembered. I'm not looking for fame, but I think you hit it right on--- I want to be remembered in a positive light by the people who are closest to me. But, I have a strong belief that the people who come into your life are important, too, and if I ever get the chance to be in a position of importance, then I want to do something worth remembering.

    I'm hoping that whoever finds the letter feels the same way you do about it :) I'm crossing my fingers!