Saturday, May 5, 2012

We So Excited

It's been a busy week, but today was one of the best Fridays I've had in a long while. I ate a really good Caesar Salad, I invited some peeps to a wedding, I took the wrong bus and ended up having to walk by the beach to downtown, I SAW THE AVENGERS WITH SOME FRIENDS! (you MUST see it, I swear!).

Then the bus driver who dumped us in the middle of nowhere earlier that day took us home. But first, he made the whole bus break out in "Bohemian Rhapsody." Then he made us make sad faces at the people who couldn't fit on the bus.

So basically, it was just an all-around good day because I've got Aria and Karly on board for the webseries! You know what I'm talking about... The one I said all of us could make together? Because, you know, I've got a script. And you've got a camera. And Karly's brother has an editing software. And we all really like each other, maybe.

I know it's weird to think that a rag-tag group of people can actually come together to make something sort of resembling awesome, but when you think about it, what's stopping us? We've got the technology and the means of communicating with one another. Why SHOULDN'T we do something fun and creative and (dare I say it?) COOL?

All you need to join this project is the following:
-Commitment and determination to see it through.
-A camera and (at least one) someone willing to act in front of it.
-The ability to email me at expressing your interest.

Seriously. That's it. Not everyone is going to be in every episode, but if you're really extremely down to help, let me know and I'll try to work you in as often as possible. And you know what? Because you're so nice, I'm even going to tell you, the folks at home, what it's about. Here's a brief synopsis of what our collab (you like what I did there?) is going to attempt to get at:

YouTube Rules!

Bree Jackson is going to be a star. Or at least that's what she tells her best friend Ariel one night over their weekly video chat. Ever since the Pearce family moved to the East Coast and took Ariel with them, Bree's thought up all sorts of ways to keep their friendship alive. First she ran up her parent's phone bill, then there was Skype, but now she's convinced that YouTube is the place where the two of them are going to find fame and undo the damage a couple of hundred miles has brought upon their relationship. 

Although Ariel is skeptical about their supposed rise to fame and beyond reluctant to get in front of a camera after "the incident," she decides to humor Bree by hooking her up with a few friends from her side of the country. Together, the group shares a few laughs, frustrations, and breakdowns as they start to figure out who they are on the road to internet stardom.

Based on the tips and tricks of the trade posted in videos by Charlie McDonnell, Adorian Deck, Luke Sims, Claudia (BeyondBeautyStar), and more, YouTube Rules! is fundamentally an experiment to see if a remote collab could be successful and if the "rules" could work for anyone.

Sound familiar? Well it should! Because it's a highly dramatized version of our story, you guys! For me, this isn't about fame or fortune. It's about telling a story I want to share with the world. Yeah. That's why I write. But I realize it might be a long while before I actually get published. This? I can do this RIGHT NOW. With your help, I can share something I think could be really great with the world.

I've only written the pilot episode at this point so if you want like a "permanent" in, you should email me expressing interest soon! I've already got an idea who Ariel's going to be (ahem! Aria), and I already have an idea of who I'd love to be the friends she recommends (ahem! Karly and bro). Bree is going to be someone on my end because I also have plans of showing her in different locations other than in front of her computer screen. But as of right now, YOU could be in it, too. I swear! Let me know soon. Like I'm going to have to give you a deadline, aren't I. Hm... What's two weeks from today? The 19th? Well that's not an even number. So...

If you want a "permanent" part in this series, email me by May 12th.
If you want to be in it, but missed that deadline. No worries! I'll write you in if you email me by May 20th.

And, uh, yeah! That's about it. You guys don't know how happy ya'll have made me. In fact, ya'll have made me SO happy, you should look for something special in the Treaties for You section, ahora. The other webseries I was making needed a theme song, so I wrote one. And even though my voice cracks at some point during the recording, I feel so honored to be working with you guys, I'm willing to let you hear an embarrassing version of the song as a way to say "thanks" up until the day I stop accepting people for permanent roles (MAY 12TH!).

Love you guys. SO much.

Commenting on Comments

Nicole- Comments is a weird word indeed. Speaking of, I meant to leave one on your Bibliomania post, but can't remember if I ever got around to doing it! I shall rectify this at once. I adore you for mentioning me in the post and because I have your posts sent to my email, it was even more special because I got to save it. :) Haha! While winky faces ARE peculiar, your faith in my and optimism are downright spectacular. Thank you for your love, my dear. I must say that to you every time we speak, but I mean it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Hope all is well! Have an awesome weekend and GO SEE THE AVENGERS!


  1. Why would you give the ugliest girl one o the main roles?! How does your brain work? Haha! I should probably figure out how to use my webcam now, huh?

    1. Oh yes, Hon. You do that RIGHT now. :)

      Honestly, though, I think you'd be perfect for it! But I can't force you. I'll send you the script and if you like her, you do it! If you don't, you do it anyway! Because you love me. You really do.

  2. sounds like a fun day! Love it when a bunch of random good stuff equals awesomeness. Good luck with your script.

  3. I would love to join in the project, but I am not allowed to. I apologize. :'(
    The plot sounds extraordinary. I will be the moral support for this whole project, sound good?
    Your bus driver sounded great! I wish my bus driver for school was like that, but at least she always gives us free candy!
    And no problem Des!
    I was going to go see The Avengers, but my church (I'm Mormon) had a Cultural Celebration, since our area is opening up a new temple. So on a majority of Friday I was away preparing for it. Then on Saturday I was gone all day (17 hours if you want to be precise) preparing for the performance and actually having the performance. It was quite fun actually. I'll probably see The Avengers today actually. I've been so excited for this movie!

  4. Is it weird that I love hearing about other peoples lives? I love that you had such an amazing Friday. It just makes me really happy. Plus, I'd love to meet that bus driver of yours. He sounds incredibly cool.
    This whole entire YouTube collab sounds so amazing! I can't wait to hear more about it! If you need any help or input on it, you know my email =)

    Lots of warm wishes!

  5. I'd love to be in the webseries. It would be so much fun!


  6. The webseries sounds like a fantastic idea!! And I absolutely love the YouTube Rules sketch! May I just comment on how BRILLIANT you are for coming up with all this?
    I don't think I'll be able to join in, but if I can have the position of being part of the audience I'll be your #1 Fan :)
    Also-- my best friend went to see Avengers and she told me all about it. We keep cracking up over this one line: "Brother, behold!
    ... "Dat A$$" LOL ;) And I hear there are some very cute guys involved in the movie. Share the deets!
    xOx, lots of love, Maya<3