Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Why I Never Finish Anything

You guys all know that I'm a writer who aspires to one day be AUTHOR. But you also know, by now, to accomplish that goal, I have to actually put my foot down and finish something. Revise it. Work on it until I CAN'T anymore.

If you've been with me for a while, you also know I don't finish things. Anymore, I should say. I have completed three manuscripts, two of which have potential, I think, but must undergo those hardcore edits every writer dreads, and the one that I adore conceptually, but the plot is lacking. Seriously, Deserae. You can do so much more with it, I swear!!!

So the million dollar question, I guess, is why does Desi keep starting NEW manuscripts? The answer isn't easy for me to say, but the truth of it is, I've grown lazy. It's true. I have turned into a lazy lump on a log.

It's not that I don't have the energy to revise, it's just that I have the tendency to get caught up on the fun part of the editing process (chocolate and sentence restructuring) that I never get around to implementing all those big picture ideas I thought would be so cool to change/add/destroy/etc. And while I'm zombie typing in a new thread, I'll suddenly remember that one cool thing I started a few years back. And I think, "I'm so much better, now. I could DO that!" And then I do that. Because at the time, I think I'm AWESOME.

But I've realized something and don't think I'm vain when I tell you what that something is. I've realized that all of my ideas are good--- like Sokka, I'm the idea guy! I can easily assess if something is good or not, and I see potential in pretty much everything--- most of the time, I can even EXPLAIN where the potential is and a few things we could do here and there to get it there.

And even he had to learn that just having an idea wasn't enough. Just putting the pieces together on the board, WASN'T it. During the Day of Black Sun, he kind froze when he realized he was in charge of the operation! But he finally learned how to take the reigns when he realized this thing wasn't getting done without him. He finally LEARNED that HE had to do something if he wanted to get his troops to the Fire Nation Palace!

And SURE he failed, but at least he did all he could do, right? I've figured it out. I don't finish things, because part of me isn't willing to go the distance--- to do all of the work! But like Sokka, I'm learning. And even if I fail, so what? At least I'll be able to say that I did all that I could do.

Get something done, today, ya'll,
P.S. Don't forget your treat!
Commenting on Comments
Prerna- I love Baz Luhrmann, too! That's why I'm so conflicted about this film. It looks good, but so dark and scary... I don't know. This isn't Fitzgerald's Gatsby, that's for sure. 

Fre- Thanks! I knew you'd enjoy that beautiful face of mine. 

Nicole- Definitely read Gatsby and then watch the trailer again. Let me know your thoughts as someone who saw the trailer first. I wonder if your enjoyment of the story will be increased or decreased having experienced Gatsby this way. The trailer makes it seem super exciting. And it is, but essentially, Gatsby is a love story! There are just gangsta-like people involved in it. Lol! Glad you loved the Avengers, and thank you so much. Ya'll are helping me reach my dreams every day. I'm so grateful. Thank you millions. :)

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  1. just keep going and sooner or later you'll find it in yourself to do those damn edits! (Pesky things). They're definitley hard,but it's also nice to fix your mistakes...and also a little daunting to think you're getting closer to a finished product.