Friday, July 13, 2012

In Which I Respond to Your Comments

After having returned from a long time blogging hiatus, I posted a simple note in which I divulged a few of my thoughts. You have shared yours in return. I owe you each a penny.

To the brave and beautiful Nicole who is a lot smarter than any of the eighth graders I knew in MY year...

... I think often of the future, too, and your worries are also mine. Even when I was your age, I used to think of success not as a dream but as a nightmare--- an obtainable something I couldn't quite get a hold on.

Enter the name of this blog!

It used to be a negative mantra. Almost, but not quite there. But then something changed in me, as things often do. I took out the but. Added parentheses. Then I wanted to blog. I wanted to show people that I was almost there. Just, not quite yet.

Perspective is a biggie. I've had to change mine SEVERAL times. God helps with that. People help with that. LIFE helps with that. But really, it's something WE'VE got to DO. I know. I'm putting emphasis on all the wrong words. That's how I talk and how I think and how I figure things out. You are brilliant, respectable, loving AND loveable... I have no doubt that, in time, you'll find your mantra. You'll make a goal. You'll get 'er done. In regards to TFiOS, read, read, read and tell me what you think! I thought it was brilliant and, too, crushed on Augustus. As I've mulled it over, though, I realize HE is the character I think of some nights when I can't sleep. Not Hazel. Is that a bad thing?

All my love!
You Know Who

To the brilliant little Mama named Ms. Prerna Pickett...

...You and your jumbled mind continue to bless and inspire me. I don't comment on your wonderful blog as often as I should, but I am reading it and every time I visit I get the chills on how well you know what I need to hear without knowing I need to hear it!

I too, am more elegant in my written words, so I often jot things I'm thinking into my little BrainBooks. They're great company and they keep me sane. If you don't have something like it, might I suggest it? Any tiny journal thing will do. :)

P.S. Your craziness makes you YOU. It's awesome like that.

To Sonal, my sweet!

You musn't let school get you down! Or anything for that matter! Our minds ought to be our safe havens. Our Palaces of Peace. Our Thinking Cap-sules of sorts. Not that we should lock out darkness (because I heard once that if we didn't know darkness, we'd never know light), but we shouldn't let it consume us. We're bigger than our shadows. Remember that! And though I'm glad to have cheered you up, hearing from you has cheered me too, so thanks for commenting! Your new picture is cute. It's so nice to see all of your faces. Perhaps it's time I turn around in mine. Haha!

Later gator,

To my favorite sister, Freda, as long as you don't tell the others...

I absolutely loved what you said and I promise! I didn't criticize it once! Lol! Yes, it's called hope and I have always hoped for more and more and more... The problem is sometimes I forget myself. I forget where I am sometimes. Is that strange? Do you know what I mean?

It's like I'm here. I'm doing what I'm supposed to do. I'm fitting in what I want to do, but one day, for some reason, everything feels wrong. And the second I stop I think, "What am I doing?" It's at times like these when I have ALL OF ZE DOUBTS. About my plans, about college... It's so easy to want to give up. I am good at that. 

But God knows where he wants me. He knows where he wants me to be. He has guided me, and is guiding me to a better tomorrow. I plan on thanking Him for that in whatever way I can.

Thank you for everything. You, Z, and Kia must know that I would've never gotten this far without you. We're sisters and THAT has always meant the world to me. Even if I'm never published, or if I never see Europe, or if I end up a hobo on the street (Dear God: NO.), I'll always be THAT.

So you'll take care of me when I'm broke and hungry, right?

Love always,
YOUR favorite sister with no contingencies.

To all of you...
...I'll post again soon. Thank you for your love and support!

Wishing you all well,


  1. Oh Des, thank you for your wisdom and the compliment on my picture. Although I think your current picture has a certain air of mystery to it, you should definitely consider showing off your lovely face. Be warned, you'll make all of your readers jealous of your beauty!

  2. I finished TFiOS the day I got it. I often thought of Augustus more than I thought of Hazel. He just seemed more...I don't know exactly how to explain it, but he stole the stage a little bit. He seemed to stand out a little bit more than Hazel did, and left more of an impact to me. (Mostly because of what happens to Augustus...) As for the ending, I was bawling like a baby. It was an incredible book. I was extremely pleased with it. There's no doubt that it's one of the best books I've come across this year. It was so refreshing compared to other YA books, since most of them nowadays are dystopian novels. The plot to this one seemed new and fresh. Even though there have been many novels revolving around characters with cancer, this one is a different from all of them.

    Thank you so much for the wisdom you share with all of us. Particularly the one you shared in my comment about perspective. A big goal for myself is to be more optimistic about everything, since I tend to be incredibly negative. Especially, since I know I tend to think more about success as a nightmare more than a dream as you said before.

    (I also tend to emphasize the wrong words. It tends to be one of the ways I think, too.)

  3. DESSSSSS! ( Imagine me hissing that like the Basilisk in HP2 LOL) I've tagged you for ssssomething on my blog. Sssseeeee it whenever you can.
    Of course, I've probably freaked you out with all my hissing, so you might not. Oh dear.
    xox, lots of love ( and hissy noises), Maya

  4. Oh, Des! I (like Maya) tagged you for something, too! It's the same thing, but Maya and I have very similar tastes in the people whose posts we read. HOWEVER, it's an easy tag! You shall enjoy the simplicity of it!