Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Penny for your Thoughts

I've been thinking lately, and as you know that's a dangerous thing. I've been thinking about...

...what it means to be a friend--- a good one.
...how secrets, once known, can literally change everything.

I've been thinking about change and, thanks to Maya, about how it's not always a bad thing...

I've been thinking about my stories, my characters... about if my dreams have changed...

I think things like:
Maybe I'm just meant to help other people.
Or maybe I just need to start helping myself.
Or perhaps there's a middle ground? One I'm overlooking?
Perhaps I am too lazy for this profession.

And then I think, "Ooo! Ice-cream! I wonder if The Mentalist is on. It is! SIMON BAKER!!!!"

I've been thinking about time again. About college. About my life and life in general.

I've been thinking and that's more than I've done in a long time. I'm kind of proud of myself. What have you been thinking about these days?

Lots of love,


  1. I've been thinking a lot about the future. I'm worried about whether I will manage to be successful, or if all my attempts for success will become useless and end up leading to my failure.
    I've been thinking about how next year is a new start, and things will surely be better now that I've learned from my mistakes.
    I've been excited since I am FINALLY reading TFiOS, and I absolutely love it so far. Augustus Waters is incredible.
    Plus, I've been thinking the same thing as you have been thinking, about what makes a good friend. :)

  2. I'm easily distracted, so my thoughts are usually a jumbled mess, unless I'm writing. I'm more coherent in words, then again maybe I'm fooling myself.

  3. My mind has been filled with nothing but dark and depressing thoughts recently and I blame that entirely on school. I can't wait for it to be over. But hearing from you has greatly cheered me up, Des.

  4. Wow Des...what a great post! Shows you that your not alone...none of us are alone. Our desires, passions, doubts, fears, frustrations, insecurities...all the things that fill our thoughts on a daily basis will always be there. Its the way God wired us. We all long for more or something other than where we at...I think its called, HOPE. I mean without hoping and expecting more...what else is there. As long as you take a step in the direction you want to go...be it helping people with there writing or your own...or whatever, your right where your suppose to be. Your not lazy, distractions, circumstances and situations will always exist. Just don't miss the beauty in the mundane. Don't miss the beautiful things in your present day...like spending time with people or enjoying the view from a window or a restaurant your sitting in. None of us will ever get time back...You can never be at the same place at the same time ever in life. Your always moving forward whethter you want to or not. Your such an inspiration to many. Trust me...one day, whenever that comes...you will see your work on the shelves in the YA section. I just know it. Love you Des!

  5. Forgive the typos and wrong word tense! I know you writers are critiquing all the time! :)