Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tweet! Tweet!

I'm a Tweeter--- I love following new people and then re-tweeting all of the news they share with me that I feel is worth mentioning. So, I thought, I'd give you some of the goodies from today:

bibliobrouhaha  New Megan McCafferty Interview and ARC Giveaway of Bumped! Open to US - End Wed 02/02 at Midnight EST.

VamPoet Up again is @ReadingTeen's Second Hand Saturday! Their 35th A Book-A-Week Giveaway! :) challenge is...

ColleenLindsay AAAAHHHHHHHH! *runs around screaming* IT IS @LITERATICAT'S BIRTHDAY! *throws confetti* *tosses cupcakes* *cracks open hard liquor*

booksmugglers    Smugglers' Stash and News Nerds Heart YA needs YOU!

EW Superman found: ‘Tudors’ star Henry Cavill cast

No, Sir! You can't get this stuff anywhere else! Well... I lie, you totally can by following all these people individually and scrolling through all of their goodies. OR you can follow yours truly on Twitter and just scroll thorugh all of my jargon! Whatever floats your boats, Loves.
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Tweet, tweet!
~Deserae McGlothen

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