Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Comment That Disappeared

You guys know Maya. If you don't, she often appears in the "Commenting on Comments" section of these posts.

Well, about a week ago, I wrote this post about the chapter that almost ruined me, and three people weighed in. "Well wait a minute!" I hear you shout. "There are only two comments on that post!"

Why, thank you for noticing! I responded to the two beautiful ladies whose comments did appear in this follow up post about my feelings toward the CHAPTER OF EVIL after it was actually done. But I wanted to do a follow up to that follow up because I found Maya's comment to be quite inspirational and though you have the wonderful advice from Arianna and Prerna in the previous post, only I was able to read Maya's comment. Here's what she said:

"I couldn't help but laugh when I saw the "Leave nasty comments" part. :D I won't do that, but I'll definitely try and cheer you up XD
Imagine chapter thirteen is an angry swarm of bees, hiding inside a huge hive. The bees are really irritating you, because they bzzz their way through the night and you can't sleep. You can't do anything about them in your pyjama's, but you can definitely TRY when you put on the right gear and attack them with a net. But you don't have the clothes bee-catcher gear, so you have to go to the store outside of town to get it. It's a long drive, but if you have severa; passengers with yousomeone, it'll be much easier.
I don't know who said this, but there's an awesome quote that I think applies to you: “Anyone can give up, it's the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that's true strength.” You're strong, optimistic and you CAN do this. Just don't give up. "A dream is a flame that burns out if you give up." Write the chapter, whether it sucks or not. It doesn't matter if it's a horrible as Voldemort's face, or not, because once you write it you can always go back. But if you give up, you'll never reach the end.
This will definitely make you feel better; Determinate, by Lemonade Mouth ( I know, I'm so lame I chose a DISNEY band.) It may not be their best song, but the lyrics are totally inspiring and the part where Adam Hicks raps is crazy cool!
And after watching it, eat nutella straight from the jar, then get to work and DETERMINATE!
xox, loads of nasty comments, Maya (LOL!!)"  

There are two things I want to hit from this comment. The first is this idea of being able to do anything with a support group. Maya says, "It's a long drive, but if you have severa(l) passengers with you... it'll be much easier." I smiled because gosh! Ain't it true! I am so fortunate to have a kind of partner in crime with all this. Aria has been my lifeline and my crutch on more than one occasion. It was with her insistence AND encouragement that I sat down and typed the darned thing up. She wouldn't let me rest. Ask her!

But, boy, am I thankful for that! Am I thankful that there is even a single soul out there who takes the time to comment on my blog, talk to me on Twitter, prod me via email, or do some combination of the three because they care about someone else's sanity. And I'm so glad--- so very glad--- that the someone else you guys care about is me. I mean... that's mind blowing. I may never get to thank you in person for it, but thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being along for the ride.

And though there are other gems in this comment, the second thing I want to talk about is how Maya reiterates what all of you were telling me from the start.

"Write the chapter, whether it sucks or not," she says. "It doesn't matter if it's as horrible as Voldemort's face, or not, because once you write it you can always go back. But if you give up, you'll never reach the end."

Some people are great at giving advice. Others are great at taking and receiving it. But me? I'm the kind who loves to give but can't take it. Wrong, I know. But this was like, "Woah." The combination of Maya asserting herself (did anyone else hear, "Write the chapter... OR DIE" or was that just me?) plus the Harry Potter reference for giggles plus hearing, for the first time, someone who knew very little about my book say "you'll never reach the end," totally sparked this light in me. It was an "ouch," at first, but it was enough for me to know that I never wanted to hear her (or anyone else!) say that ever again.

Because the truth hurts, doesn't it? "A man who does not work shall not eat"--- It's the law of life. And a girl who does not write the CHAPTER OF EVIL will not finish her book. That's how it works. No pain, no gain.

I hope you writers out there copy and save Maya's comment somewhere. Use it to fuel a fire within yourselves. And read the other comments from that whiny post and LEARN SOMETHING FROM THEM. Everyone is saying the same thing. "Just do it!" It's not gonna kill you, I promise.

So, Maya, thank you for commenting. And everyone, thank you for reading. Writers, get to writing. And Blogger, fix yourself so that brilliant comments like this don't go disappearing on me ever again.

"...Get to work and DETERMINATE!" -Maya

P.S. No comments to comment on! But you can still read my last post if ya wanna.


  1. Is it possible to explode from happiness? Because I think I just did. My day has quite literally been made, thanks to your post. =)

    The fact that you took my advice to heart and actually QUOTED me, is amazing. I'm really sorry that the whole "You'll never reach the end" thing came out that way. It wasn't quite how I wanted to say it.

    CONGRATS ON FINISHING THE CHAPTER!!! Obviously, I don't really know about it, but if you wrote it, I'm sure it was wonderful ( The Voldemort reference was merely to make you laugh =D Not to apply to your writing.) =)

    Anyways did I mention how much I seriously HEART you for this? No one's ever done anything this wonderful. By that I mean, take an awkward fifteen year old, who can barely take her own advice to heed,seriously, and quote me as if I happen to be Lisi herself! ( LOL!)

    xox, lots of love, Maya <3

    P.S I was JUST about to comment on your last blog post! I haven't been on my laptop for a while, but I saw it on my phone, and couldn't comment. Imagine what an amazing surprise this was XD

  2. awesome comment and blog post on said comment. Use as fuel for the fire within, how great!