Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sharing is Caring

When I was little, my mom used this infamous excuse for making my little sister and I share EVERYTHING.

"Sharing is caring!" she'd sing with a mocking smile. For a long time, I hated the phrase, but I believe that it's true, now, because I honestly do find joy in sharing things with my sisters... with you...

So today, I thought I'd share some things. I'll even put these things into categories so you don't have to linger too long in any place that might not satisfy your interest. I feel like I'll do this more often. Maybe once every two weeks? That should be lovely. 

You guys know I'm unhealthily obsessed with music. It keeps me happy when reality cannot. So I'm always looking for yummy things to whet my appetite. Luckily for you, I am ALWAYS finding new things! (That was a joke. You may laugh now, if you wish.)

So here's what I have for you this week:
1. If you like things that are scandalous in a hilarious way, you might try Ida Maria's "I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked" (which I featured in this post, by the way). 

2. If you like Taylor Swift or Nickelodeon or both, and if you really like it when songs are upbeat and guys are depicted as faboo, you'll love Katelyn Tarver's "Favorite Girl." I know I do. I LOVE it.

3. If you're the kind of person who loves rediscovering music by some of your previously favorite bands, or if you like exploring music from popular groups that kind of got overlooked, you might like One Republic's "Someone to Save You." They just refuse to make suckish music, and I love them for that.

4. If you're a fan of supporting up and coming artists, WHY aren't you in love with Lewis Watson's "Bones" or "#3"?!?! Not only is he British. Awesome. British. And awesome. But he has an amazing voice and really beautiful lyrics accompany his songs. The above links are directly to his own videos (because THIS is how we support them--- by watching their videos, buying their music, and spreading the word!), but here are links to a Bones lyric video and a #3 lyric video so you can see what I mean before you become enraptured with his face (if freckles and shaggy hair is your thing).

5. And if like songs that are just fun to listen to over and over again, please check out Leila Broussard's "Masquerade" because you won't want to stop playing it. Promise.

I haven't had a lot of time to read lately, but I am constantly reading reviews and scanning my Twitter Feed to see what's good in the literary world. And here's the general concensus:

So if any of you are looking for something to read, please pick it up and tell me I'd be crazy not to read this book. And if any of you are already John Green fans, tell me this: should I start with one of his earlier books and then pick up TFiOS? Or should I just take the plunge and let him rip my heart out? Let me know.

Let me get all of the stuff that's not about writing out of the way... Now. 

1. Adam Heine wrote a blog post about the secret to becoming talented. I found it very informative, and helpful in its own way. And kind of hilarious because, DUH! That's what I've been saying! (*COUGH!* Just go with it, people). 

2. Bryarly Bishop (who isn't a writer so ha! It gets to go here! HA!) wrote a blog post about her olfactory sense, and I found it very interesting because, as a writer, I should be using all of my senses! Who knows whose nose knows?!

And now for writerly things...

3. YAtopia has been having a week full of awesome posts. The first one that caught my attention was an interview with two REGULAR teens about what they liked to read and how they came to those conclusions. And the second post was about the importance of "Beta-ing yourself up." Two great posts for the price of one blog. 

4. Soon to be author, Natalie Whipple, has two posts I'd like to share with you. The first is a recent post about her noticing an improvement in her writing from when she first started out and now. She provides a link in the post that takes you to a video where she actually reads a sample from a (wait for it!...) zombie romance novel that she wrote many years ago and QUERIED. But even though she's mortified of that novel now, she notices the improvement and, as Prerna says in her post, "The Write Kind of Improvement," "if you've been writing consistently, you'll notice the improvement" just like Natalie did. 

Also, here's a second post by Natalie from a while (a LONG while) back on what to do when you're going to have to rewrite your novel in order to get it to the place it needs to be. Natalie gives fantastic writing advice so I would definitely check out the Writing Advice tab on her blog. FULL of gems, it is. FULL, FULL of gems. 

5. Is it vain to point out that I recently wrote a post about how writers have to write, no matter how much it hurts them? I couldn't have written it without your help, support, and your reminders of this very important fact. So check that out, Writers... If ya wanna.

Okay, really quickly:

1. A good friend of mine recently guest posted on My Ticket Home about her experience with self-harm and what one might do to overcome that. Please check out the post and comment if you can. It's a beautiful post written by THIS beautiful girl and it'd mean a lot to both of us if you checked it out. And while you're there, you should check out this special Daily Dose just about books!

2. Gallagher Girls (and Blackthorne Boys) BEHOLD! The Gallagher Academy has its own, official website! AND Ally Carter has an assistant now named Molly who has been posting fun riddles and excerpts on Ally's blog and has created an Ally Carter Tumblr for fan art and even more excerpts! Check it out!

3. Also, Alex Bennett is doing some cool new giveaways over at Electrifying Reviews. Check those out, should ye wish it by looking at the top of the right sidebar. 

And that's all folk! I think. I feel like I spent a lot of time composing this post, but I honestly believe it's worth it to get the word out about all the awesome stuff I distract myself with throughout the week. So yeah! Enjoy! And let me know what cool things you've come across within the past week or two worth sharing!

Lots of love,
Commenting on Comments
Prerna- It IS an awesome comment and I'm so serious! Copy, paste, and print that thing! When you surround yourself with beautifully inspiring things, you're sure to inspire something beautiful in someone else. :)

Maya- I'm so glad the post made you happy because your comment made me happy. It's very nice to return the favor. :) Thanks for your inspiring comment and your congratulations! Yes, the chapter of evil is DONE, but it needs lots of work. I know that and can't wait to finish this draft so I can go back through it and get 'er done. The "you'll never reach the end thing," came out just as you intended it to. Maybe I was the one who was unclear. What I meant to emote there was gratefulness toward you. The truth hurts sometimes but you were totally right. If I didn't get this chapter done, I WOULDN'T have been able to finish the entire book. And how is one to be an author without a book? I never wanted to "hear that again" because I never want to be the thing that comes between me and my dreams. I was the only one standing between me and the end at that point, and you're the one who totally made me see that. :) 

So thank YOU, Love. Couldn't have done it without you and Aria and Prerna. But especially you because that comment MADE. ME. WRITE. And darn it! I did it. And boy do I feel good. Haha! I'm glad this came as a happy surprise. And I'm glad this comment came through! I meant it--- Blogger better not keep my brilliant commenters from commenting. Lol!

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  1. I say just go ahead and read TFiOS. I've been a nerdfighter for a couple of months, and I haven't read any of his books yet (I am going to fix this problem very, very soon) but everyone says TFiOS is his best ever. So just take the plunge and read the book with the awesome cover.