Friday, August 3, 2012

Bright Day Coming

My little sister reminded me of this song--- the one I'll leave for you at the end. Though it's not Christian or religious or anything, it expresses all of the sentiments of my personal philosophy: "...there's a bright day coming."

I don't know where that mentality comes from. From my ancestors? From the old spirituals that were sung to maintain hope? I don't know. I was never into all that "let my people go" stuff... But I do have to wonder why I have this thing instilled in me. Why, no matter what, I DO believe that things can only get better from here.

Prerna said something that I agree with. We gain strength from every situation, every block, every obstacle we overcome. "You'll be stronger because of the things you survive," she said. Tell me why I want to bust out into a ballad of Destiny Child's "I'm a Suh-vi-vah!"

Just a little reminder to all of you who feel down, or are angsting, or just need it... There IS a bright day coming. Be there, okay? Let's make a date.

I, Deserae McGlothen, want to see you on your bright day.  I want to give you virtual (or actual) hugs and cookies. And I hope you'll be there for me on mine.

We'll talk words soon. I have plenty to tell you guys about the bookish world and what I'm up to.

Lots of love,

Commenting on Comments
Prerna- Thank you and AGH! I TOTALLY AGREE!!! The whole ending of Felicity was like... Well, I wanted to pull my hair out. I get that the writers wanted us to see she'd have picked that boy either way, but NOEL!!!! NO-O-OEL!!!!! My heart ached for him. He so deserved better. I do hope to make him proud. :)
Maya- Yes, the tag was loads of fun. Thanks for including me! And thanks for trusting me with your story. You know, it's true. I've had to learn the hard way that I need people. It's hard to need, you know? More and more, I'm realizing people don't want my advice. They don't need my advice. They just want/need me. But I don't know how to be me without my words. Without my mind. Without my thoughts and opinions. I have to learn, though. I'm trying to readjust. There is always room and time to improve upon oneself. And I will. I'll improve if I have to. I'll stay beautiful if you will. Thanks for your love, I appreciate (and need) every ounce of it!
Nicole- Haha! Thanks, Hon! I'm going to try my best to enjoy being Noel. I hold grudges, too! That's something I've been working on, myself! I think I'm at a point where all of the grudges I used to hold are gone, and I'm allowing myself to start over with a lot of people... What I've decided is to forgive. To forget the wrong as a reflection of the person. But never to forget the wrong or what made it wrong. That way I can  move on with my life, but be more prepared for when Life tries to challenge me the same way again. So I guess I don't hold grudges anymore... I hold myself responsible for doing better next time. And in this way, what you said makes perfect sense. It IS hard to know what to do in the moment, so when past experiences aren't enough to lead me, I decide to ask. To voice my concerns. To see if the truth really can set you free. So far so good, you know? So far so good. My friend and I are learning to understand each other better. That's all I could ask for. It's only going to make us stronger in the end. :) I accept all of your love and am sending you some as well! Take care, Hon!


  1. You and your music, I swear. I chose a pretty popular song for the write-off JUST because I know you know it and therefore won't be able to use me in your own little journey for more music. (Heehee!)

  2. I Love what you wrote in this blog! Your a little princess in a very high tower, standing is a cobblestone room that is filled with books, music, a huge canopy bed and a guitar leaning on a wooden night stand. There's this huge window in your chambers that you open daily. You stand at the window and gaze over the kingdom wondering what your story will be, what does your future hold and if the ending of your story will be more than you imgained.

    I can not answer with certainty about your future because that would be playing God. Only God knows. One thing I do know from that we only have control and power over the things we know and how we respond to those things. Outside circumstances and situations that are beyond our control will always come. Its the law of life...A season for everything under the sun...Ecclesiates.

    You, Princess, have incredible insight...very gifted, a tender heart that is very beautiful and unique. I know that your future will hold whatever your heart can see! Spend more time pursuing knowledge of the one who created your beautiful heart and gave you all the special gifts...It will be a celestial box for you and your life will never be the same.

    Elle Fredericks.

  3. I completely agree with you, and I love this post.
    And the song is incredible. It's perfect!