Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Sights

I really miss doing these on My Ticket Elsewhere. I really miss Elsewhere and Home in general, but without my laptop, ALL OF THE THINGS have been lacking. Ag.

But today, I bring you news from the interwebs! I always find a way to stay connected, even when I can't directly be involved (I'm such le old lady neighbor). Drum roll, please?

FIRST, on ze YouChoobs, British web sensation Charlie McDonnell has... a girlfriend. Yes, she is lovely. Yes, I love her. Yes, a part of me hopes an' me dreams 'as died. Yes, yes... I'll be fine. Here is a video of her being cute and sweet and what not as she responds to Charlie's announcement. Linked above is a video of his announcement and the such. And you want to hear her sing? She's good at it. The only reason I consider this news is because I've been following Charlie and Bryarly's channels for... years. YEARS, I SAY! And they've secretly been dating for the past one. So yes, people. This is news. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh....

NEXT for all of you ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS fans, author Stephanie Perkins has announced what her fourth and fifth books will be about. One will be a horror reminiscent of the "Scream" movie franchise; the other will be another contemporary, reminiscent of the ANNA Companion Series. GET EXCITED.

ALSO, for those of you who don't know about my favorite almost-not-quite-published authors, you MUST check out Claire Legrand and Natalie Whipple ah-sap. Claire literally has a butt-load of projects I am beyond excited for. The first of which, THE CAVENDISH HOME FOR BOYS AND GIRLS comes out in less than three weeks! EEP!!! Besides that, she is made of awesome. Unicorn-loving awesome. I adore her. With Natalie, though, I have a different kind of respect. I've been following her progress for the past two (and a half) years. I knew her when she went through a change in agents... when she got her first book deal for the 2013 release of TRANSPARENT... And I continue to follow her, to respect her for her kindness. For her words. For her wisdom and her advice. Every time she posts something, it inspires me. It helps me. So I'm sharing her with you. Her latest bit of writerly goodness has inspired me to stop doubting myself and to go for the gusto; maybe it'll help you, too.

LAST, but not least, Auror's Tale. Have you heard about it? Going to watch it? You should. Here is why.

Alright, All. Take care, and have all the warm wishes from all of the warm places.

Lots of love,
Commenting on Comments
Sonal- Haha! Thank you, Dear. I try. :P
Nicole- I love that you love Young the Giant! But bleg! Sorry orientation was a bit boringish. School is creeping up on you, Lassie... Use your super-awesome-ninja-tactics to make sure it doesn't follow Orientation's lead. 


  1. Woot! Woot! So much fun stuff! So many links! Ahhh!

  2. Awesome =) I can't wait to watch all the videos. Which reminds me, I TOTALLY need to make a YouTube account. I seem to be missing out on a whole lot of amazing people.
    xox, love, Maya

  3. Appreciated your comments on An Agent's Inbox and had to come check out your blog.

    I don't know if I'm up for Stephanie Perkin's thriller, but I LOVE the rest of her books. Anna and the French Kiss was the 1st one I read and it's still my favorite.