Thursday, August 9, 2012

When You Don't Feel Like Writing...

... Do it anyway.

That is all.

Stay on it, Writers,
Commenting on Comments
Arianna- Haha! I have music on the brain. What can I say?! I still like my zombie "Some Body That I Used to Know" rendition. Goyte would adore me, I think. 

Ms. Elle Fredericks- I love you more than you could ever know. Thank you for the lovely comment and for being there for me on my bright days AND the ones in between. :) 

Nicole- I'm so glad the post sat well with you and that you loved the song! Oh, my heart swells with joy when those words are uttered. :] Hey, Girl. Kick orientation's butt! You're going to have a great year if you remember to stay as beautiful as you are right now, but grow from anything Life throws at you to try to persuade you otherwise. You've got this! 


  1. Wonderful words of wisdom dearie! =)

  2. Ha! This is so true! :D
    I love Young the Giant, by the way. You have an incredible taste in music. ^_^ Oh, and orientation was kind of boring. All we really did was get told, "Hi! Welcome back!" (since it was for returning students) and then we could either ask our teachers questions or put our stuff in our locker. Mainly, I just put my stuff in and then walked around the hallway asking, "Can I go home now? Since, there's really no point in being here anymore..." We were doing nothing! Oh, and I shall be sure to remember your advice! :D