Friday, January 29, 2016

A New, New Year

Now that I'm in a new place, there are new traditions and customs that I have to learn. As an American, I can really appreciate a good holiday. But being in Korea, I get to celebrate the new year twice. There's nothing better than having time to reflect. And plan. And be grateful. And say thanks. And be with people who care about you. And to tell people how much you care about them.

I've been lucky this year. My sisters came all the way across the world to celebrate Christmas with me and make plans for life after January 1st. But 설날 (Lunar New Year) is just around the bend and I get to bring in the new year all over again. I've been thinking about what I should do, who I should share it with.

It's not every day you get to enjoy fresh starts and firsts.

It's not every day you get to enjoy life at all.

So when my friend Eunji invited me to visit her hometown for the holiday, I jumped at the opportunity. Next weekend is 설날. I wasn't excited before, but now, I can't wait!

I want to take about a millisecond to be grateful for the chances, the people, and the moments God continues granting me.

I'm thankful for my friends and family.

I'm thankful Netflix has come to Korea.

I'm thankful for the jobs I have and the jobs that are now possible because of them.

I'm thankful for the encounters and experiences I've had in Korea so far.

I'm thankful for words and the always present problem of never having enough to express just how blessed I am and have been.

On 설날, I'll take the time to reflect again. But I'm happy to say I'm already moving forward.

Always have been.

Nearly there, nearly there,

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Laila: You are another person I'm truly grateful for. Thanks for all of your love. 

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