Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Name of the Game is Tag

I was extremely pleased to check my inbox this afternoon and:
1. ...have another very educational, insightful, and interesting conversation with Arianna about TFiOS (but trust me! You don't want to know the topic of said conversation. It was interesting, though. Let's go with that)... 
2. ...see that my billing statement for school has come in and I owe thousands of dollars for next quarter that I don't yet have and will actually never see...
3. the following urgent message from a Miss Prerna Pickett: "Hey, Deserae, I gave you a few awards over at my blog. Stop by and get them!" 
You don't have to tell me twice, people. This is me collecting my bounty. 

But, though I'm not exactly sure WHICH of the awards I was awarded, I'm not going to worry. The idea that I was given some cool Blogger awards always makes me smile and it makes my entire day. The first thing I did when I saw my BritLit buddy, Carissa, was break the news that we wouldn't be living together next year, but THEN I told her, "And I won a Blogger award!" to which she looked at me and asked, "You have a blog?" 

So in honor of Carissa and Prerna and all of the people out there who put the effort into creating Blogger awards such as these, I'm going to participate in the tag! I hope it gives you even more insight into the wonder that is me.

1. What's your favorite book?
I wonder if my answer to this changes every time, but today I'm certain it's A LITTLE PRINCESS by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Correct me if I'm wrong.

2. What inspires your writing?
Fabulous questions such as these and fabulous people who don't know how awesome they really are. In truth, I'm inspired by everything. No lie. And that's probably why I have ten unfinished projects lurking around in drawers and things. Everything is wonderful. Why doesn't anyone believe me when I say these things!

3. Where's your favorite place to write?
I can write anywhere, but I like to write in a place that's either completely solitary or extremely crowded. Places in between don't do well for my creative juices (ooooooohhhhh yeeeeaaaahhhhh...)

4. If you could plan ahead, what would you want your last meal to be?
I don't know! Something DELICIOUS!!!!

5. If you had to participate in one extreme sport, what would it be?
Have you met me? Sports of any kind and I do not bode well. Why you gotta go and add an EXTREME for?!

6. What's your biggest fear?
Dying without having done all I was put on this Earth to do. 

7. Vampire or werewolf?
... Were... pire...? Where's Micheal when you need him?

8. Favorite writing snack?
It's gross, but sunflower seeds. I'm pretty clean with it, but yeah... too much info, huh? Either that or Wheat Thins. The idea is something I can eat A LOT OF without dying a glutton.

9. What's your favorite scary movie?
Again: have you met me?!

10. Why did you start writing?
Because I finished my math drills several minutes before all the other chitlins and was bored. True story.

11. Your favorite day of the year?
Christmas. How I love Christmas. Or the last day of school (sweet Jesus, hallelujah!). 

Big thanks to Prerna for tagging me! It's seriously an honor to be tagged by her because she's got a great group of followers who are very much devoted to the craft, to their writing, and to her so seriously, Prerna: thank you! 

Also, shout out to Maya who has tagged me in a super crazy tag-a-bonanza! I will be answering those questions tomorrow do get ready to know more things you were dying (not to) know about me! Tomorrow some of you will be tagged to do either this tag or the one I do then. So watch out world! It's your turn to shine like the light from the sun!

Lots of love,
P.S. My Ticket Home and My Ticket Elsewhere love you, just saying, okay bye!
P.S.S. If I sound crazy here or Elsewhere, it's because I am sick. I don't feel sick but I keep coughing and sneezing so it must be true. Do forgive my crazies. I mean, you're used to them for the most part but JUST IN CASE... 

Commenting on Comments
Sonal- AGH! I knew I butchered it the second I tried to put it to the melody. But I am so glad you had such a wonderful fourteenth. Here is a song I hope you enjoyed on your very special day and continue to play throughout the year. I admit, it's not the most upbeat song in the world but hey! It's got "fourteen candles" in it, and the chorus rings, "And I love you, and I know you love me too," so that's got to count for something, right?

Nicole- I'm glad you, too, share my hatred for that terrible expression! Feel free to use or manipulate any of the other sayings. Because seriously... Lemons? Who thought of that?!

Prerna- Thank you so much! I appreciate you bunches!


  1. Haha! That conversation... You know, we did provide plenty of insight into that book. And it proves I read it! Although, I still stand behind my belief that that book is just like A Walk To Remember minus the violence and adding the cancer. ;)

    I love Q&As. I love reading them, doing them, writing them. Everything! They're so much fun! I mentioned something about doing a writer kinda post for writers by writers, you'd be interested. You'd be one of the "By Writers" seeing you're a million years old and you rival John Green in writing. (Although, he may lack the logic, he could probably pull off a better you-know-what scene.)

    LLAP M'Dear

  2. I love your tag posts! And the song, oh goodness. What did I tell you about your music taste? It's amazing. I also have a small favour to ask you, Des, so expect an email from me soon.

    Love always
    Sonal xox

  3. I LOVE A Little Princess! It's one of the sweetest stories in the world, in my opinion. Have you read Secret Garden as well? It's ah-mazing.
    Yay-a! Thanks for the shoutout! I love your tag answers ( LOL writing after a Math Drill: You have mad brilliance if you can write after being mentally drained, in the way only math can do)
    Hope you have a tres fubuloso day <3
    xox, lots of love, Maya