Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Manners

Hello, Everyone!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter. I spent the day with my roommate, Due, next door neighbor, Veronica, and their boyfriends. Guess what we did... An Easter Egg Hunt, of course! It was a lot of fun. I hid twenty eggs in the forest behind our apartments and it took them an hour to find them all. I have to give myself a pat on the back for that. Good job, Desi... Good job.

Anywho, it's Monday. I'm tired. It's supposed to rain. I am ill-prepared for my Lit and Greek classes tomorrow. At the moment, I'm pretending I don't care. I want to read stuff, but my brain is making me feel guilty for neglecting the things I SHOULD be doing. And I have to go to Training in an hour. Can you see why my stomach is in knots?

I think it's just a Monday thing. When Monday arrives, my body has this physical reaction in order to prepare my brain to get ready for the (nonexistent) SUCK that is bound to make up the rest of the week. It just wouldn't be a Monday if we didn't go through this process. I am SO proud of myself for working out my schedule in such a way that THIS DAY is not the beginning of my academic week.

But I'm writing this post to kind of say hey and kind of say sorry. I'm sorry for being out of touch lately and I promise to be better with that. I'll try to post on this blog AT LEAST once a week and I might start mixing in some writerly posts again along with the regular life updates. Just know that I love you guys and I haven't forgotten. If it seems like I have, let's just blame Monday. He, like all men, is the causer of EVERYTHING that is wrong with the world (tee-hee!).

Commenting on Comments
Presley- I checked out the blog and think it's tres chic! Thanks for checking it out, and thank Nicole for me! I adore her. Isn't she the bees knees?

Maya- No. NO. Do you hear me, Maya? NO. You're a great friend! Life gets in the way all the time. Don't you dare sweat not commenting--- I simply posted that to ask ya'll a favor. See? I was calling upon you. You guys--- and you especially--- already do so much for me. I knew asking for MORE attention might be a little selfish, but I had to ask. If I didn't, then I would still be talking circles around my own head. :) But anywho, did you see my comment on "Baby Talk?" I'm so happy for your family. I bet your little bro is just the cutest thing! So The Mortal Instruments, you say... I've been super reluctant to read that series because of some of the content, but I DO need a series challenge for July... So why not? TMI, it is. I can always rent them from the library, now that I think about it. Yes. J'adore, mon ami! Love ya, Maya. Thanks for answering my desperate plea! :)

Shout out to Nicole! Thank you for keeping me company on Elsewhere, Love. I owe you my sanity. Here--- I've even gift-wrapped it. 


  1. Thank you for the shout-out Desi! No problem! ;D Anytime. Anytime. :) It's what I do.
    Also, thank you saying I'm the bees knees! :D
    By the way, I thought I would let you know, I won first place for the mile time at my track meet! I'm so happy right now!
    Ugh, and I hate Mondays too. My body tends to malfunction and go in slow motion throughout the day!

  2. He he, Monday's got that special "It factor" we all simply can't stand! Lol, glad to hear you had a great Easter-- though if I were there--beware of the chocolate monster-- I probably would gave eaten all the chocolates ;) Kidding, kidding, of course I would gave saved one for Desi :)
    As usual, your comment on my blog lit up my day! Thank you so much for the well-wishes; my brother is still adorably cute, thought he's a bit of a nocturnal and keeps my mom up all night. And I welcome any tips for chasing off his lady friends LOL! I think any mention of the fact that I used to change his diapers would embarrass him *evil laugh*
    I can see why you might be a little reluctant to read the MI series-- there's quite a bit of religion woven through the plot. Personally, it contradicts my religion but I ignore it.
    Yay-a! Tell me when you find the time to read it, k? And if our opinions differ-- instead of having gush-fests, we'll have argue-fests! :) Because something tells me you'll like Simon a whole lot more than Jace... :o
    Anywho, A bientot mon amie! You're the absolute best-ESS, don't ever forget that! :)
    xox, lots of love, Maya