Monday, October 22, 2012


This post will probably be deleted soon. Or maybe I'll just change the video to something more attractive when I'm not tired and looking for something to do besides homework.

Love you guys mucho,
P.S. Didn't forget the song! Here it is!

Commenting on Comments
Arianna- Thank you for commenting! I know what you're saying, but I think what I'm looking for this time around is just that extra-strength support. Not so much coaching, or critique partner eyes, but SUPPORT. Reminders that I can get words down on a paper. Inspirational quotes sent on Twitter. Encouraging lies about being the very best that no one ever was... There are quite a few of you guys who are doing NaNo and who've vowed to help me so you can all tag team! Yay! I'm trying not to look at the habits and bad experiences I've had in the past and am looking more toward focusing on getting through it this time. So positiveness, I think, is what'll really help and I don't want to put all that "pressure" on just you! I've got people! (I think!)

Prerna- You're an angel! Thank you! I think it really boils down to knowing what I can and cannot do. 25,000 words is cake (KNOCK ON WOOD). So if I do the two projects with these smaller goals, I'm more likely to finish. And maybe next year I can devote the whole 50K to one project! We'll see! I get SO distracted by the internet it's ridiculous. But I do know how lucky I am to have people cheering for me so thank you for that! THAT in itself is amazing and I promise to repay you in some way (let's pull a Rumple and say I owe you a favor. :])

Nicole- I've missed you, too! Your posts have been coming into my email so I've been keeping up from afar. But nothing's the same as this, you know? Actually talking with you? I've missed it so much BUT am glad you're doing so well! It makes me happy. Happier than Yogi Bear with a pic-ah-nic basket. I, too, am excited to see what I'll bring forth in November. 'Tis a mystery to me, but it's all planned out at least. Just needs to be WRITTEN. You're right about my life not being nearly as bad as I make it out to be, but seriously. School is not my thing. I'm here because I have to be. I love learning, but school? BLEH! Thanks for your warm wishes and luck. I will gladly accept all the luck you can throw my way so wrestle a unicorn if you can!!! You REALLY need to tell me more about this boy, Missy. The only boy news I have has to do with these guys, and... welp... We both know that that's not nearly as exciting as real life. :) Talk to me soon, yeah?


  1. i adore fiona apple, one of my favorites!

  2. Good luck with NaNo. May the force be with you. Also the video of you won't play on my phone so... Yeah...

  3. Can't wait for Wednesday! Woot! Woot! On le computer now so I watched your video. And maybe you should do your homework so you don't get kicked out of class again. ;) Haha! Also, I know what you mean by not doing anything because you're afriad of being overwhlemed. Take it from me, being overwhelmed and stressed is so much better than sleeping and eating. It's heathier because that means you're DOING stuff. I mean, the cut my hours at work and I HATE it. I absolutely hate having free nights. ONe every now and then is perfect, but I love having something to do, places to go, and people to see. I do. I feel worse when I'm in my room on YouTube sleeping all the time than I do when I'm in class, in the library, working out, or just at work. Doing stuff is heathly, Des. It really is. Too much sleep will kill you. Get out and do something. Work to exceed! Your goal shouldn't be to pass or survive, it should be to excel and thrive. Hello! Making straight As over here. Why? Because I use my time effectively. Who knew I knew how to study. Also, HELLO! Best GA in my district. Why? BEcause I love my job and put my heart and soul into it. Why wait till after to college to start your life and be happy when you can do it now? Huh? Why? Tell me why. Right now. Scream it. Scream it at your computer. I'm waiting. Do it. Did you do it? I don't believe you. ANYWAYS!!! You can only do your best, and be your best, when you want to be. When you decide that you like something enough, or need something enough, that you want to achieve it. Honestly, I need scholarships. How do you get scholarships? You get good grades. Hello, straight As. I want to be a New York Times Bestselling author, hello slaving over TLOATH and those stupid queries and suffering through rejections. I got another one in today. I want to cry. I want to give up. I'm not going to because I love Momo too much and I love writing too much to give up. Don't give up on yourself. Change is good. Taking on challenges is good. Stop taking the easy road and actually challenge yourself. Step out of your comfort zone. DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE.

    Or shut up and sit down, because if you won't try and change anything you have no right to complain. You can only complain when you try and give everything you have and more, and then fail. Then you can complain all you want. Hell, you can even punch someone in the face. That's cool too.

    Have a good week, m'dear.