Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

I can never decide on whether or not I want to say "Happy Valentine's Day" (as in, the day of Saint Valentine) or "Happy Valentines Day" (as in, the day in which being Valentines of one another is celebrated). This year, I've opted with the second choice and in celebration of my SEVENTEENTH YEAR of being Valentine-less (because yes! I was Tyler's Valentine in the fourth grade thankyouverymuch), I invite you to be MY Valentine and in anticipation of your saying yes (because you did... right?!), I'm providing you this link that will take you to that special announcement I promised you on Sommertales (my umpteenth blog).

Please don't hate me. It's Valentine's Day!

Lots of love,
Commenting on Comments
Prerna- There definitely is a reason for the hype of this one, my dear, but yes--- with Baby Dearest coming soon, waiting is perfectly fine! That's the joy of a book, though, isn't it? Being able to put it down and pick it up whenever you choose? I hope you've bought it, though, just so when you ARE ready, you won't have to make a trip down to the bookstore and get distracted by all of the pretty new releases that promise action, adventure, and excitement. No, no. Stick with romance. And hope. And excellence. It is Valentines Day, after all. Buy the book in the spirit of love, but read the book when you are ready to feel ALL OF THE THINGS.

Sonal- I'm so glad you liked my review! Honestly, I could have said more and more because I really loved the story. I was surprised by it because it was MY first John Green book as well. But The Fault In Our Stars is... I don't know! It's beautiful, I think. Like I said, I laughed more than I cried. I cried ONCE for real and was teary-eyed through about a quarter of it. But I felt, most of all, HOPE when I was reading it. It made me very grateful for the life I get to live and hopeful that my own Augustus Waters might be within reach, someday. :) I hope you read it one day, Love. And SONAL! I love your profile pic! :] I wish I had glasses that were that attractive. Mine make me look... grandma-ish. Not that I don't like grandmas, of course... 

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  1. I'll be your Valentine! Hey, it's never too late right? Oh Des, your grandma comment cracked me up. I feel awkward about my glasses most of the time but you made me feel better about them. And don't worry, The Fault in Our Stars is definitely next on my list!
    Love always
    Sonal xox