Saturday, February 25, 2012

Why I Love Ya'll: An Ode to my Faithful Followers

In number, ya'll are twenty-eight,
But in truth, numbers never mattered to me.
Thank God numbers do not equate
The joy I feel infinitely.

You guys leave comments that keep me sane,
You care about me so much it's true!
that you keep me going when I'm feeling lame.
(Which is every other day so I must thank you.)

You put up with my every whim
And I whim a lot; I can't say why.
I tell you, "I'm starting a book blog and then
I'll be posting videos," and you stand by my side.

I guess the thing I'm trying to say
Is I honestly, truly love you all.
I wish I could find some way to repay
The love you've given me from my first call.

We've never met and it's not guaranteed
That we will in the future face-to-face,
But know that I love you and obviously
I'm thankful for you every day.

P.S. I finished DITCHED and the ending really made the book for me. It's one of those stories that is good and I'm glad I read! But I probably won't read it over and over again. I did like it and you will see my official review for it in the second week of March, but if you're planning to read it, too, for My Ticket Elsewhere, know that:
-it wasn't as funny as I thought it would be
-it's one of those cute comedy of errors and is a cool love story once all the pieces are put together
-the order of telling goes back and forth CONSTANTLY from past and present (if you're bothered by that sort of thing)
-but the end really makes it worth it.
Will it go on my favorites of all times list? No. But it WILL go on my favorite YA Romance list. It's a great love story and I still recommend it, but with reservations because I know it won't be for everyone.
Commenting on Comments
Arianna- Yay! I'm glad you're excited! I haven't told anyone about the you-know-what yet, but I am going to be doing short films--- that's what I was referring to. :] Good things ARE happening, aren't they? I promise not to stretch myself to thin. Pinky promise. 

Nicole- Very cool! I checked out Cass, and I agree! Her videos are super cool. The person I was thinking about was Kaley Hyde (oh gosh, I know I'm spelling that wrong!). I'm excited to be presenting you guys videos, too. There will be more than one a month, but there will only be one scripted one a month (if that makes sense). 

Sonal- I AM going to be a busy bee, but you're right! It'll be worth it. Free entertainment is the best kind. And I love the things I'm doing so it's fun for me--- I'm having fun getting everything set up and going. :) Pinky promise to keep you updated! Thanks for all of your support, Sonal.

Maya- Oh Lord, let us not even THINK about the number of blogs I'm attempting to do. Instead, let's think of the AWESOME I'm praying they'll produce. Books and film are important to me so why not, you know? I agree. Butterflies are SO much better! And I got a B on one of them so yay! B for Butterfly! I think it's a sign! :] Hehe! Thank you for complimenting my taste in books! I have this theory: pretty covers make pretty books. Which REMINDS ME!!!! Agh! I MUST show you the cover of this book coming out called SHADOW AND BONE. Look it up, Darling. FALL. IN. LOVE. It's GORGIE, no? Words cannot even express how wonderful I think it is. Love ya! And OH EM GEE, Maya. Sang commented on your blog. SQUEE! 

Karly- Haha! Yes, we can totally share him. I'm so glad you know what I mean. Augustus is... perfect. PERFECT. He is the essence of love. But I know what you mean! He's so perfect for Hazel. I hate to want to rip him from her clutches but DUDETTE--- it's Gus! 


  1. cute poem! And I'm on the exact same page as you when it comes to The Vow. Your comment was spot on.

  2. That poem was seriously awesome, Des. You're right, numbers don't matter. It's the followers that actually read what you write that matter.
    Love always
    Sonal xox

  3. Loved your poem!! Looks like we got a major POETESS here!! ( My friend is a major Feminist and has gotten me wayyy into making words feminine.)
    Shadow and Bone looks scarily good!! It looks like the kind of book I'd read during the day, because I'd be too scared to read it at night ;)
    OH MY GOD, can I just tell you how AWESOMELY AWESOME you are?! =D You made my day with you and Sang's comment! And my night, and day-after! I have basically been floating on a cloud everytime I remember that a REAL AUTHOR commented on my blog, because my beyond-wonderful friend told her about my post. YOU'RE THE BEST!!! <3 <3 <3
    xox, lots and lots of love, Maya